The Winer Family is a fanon season 3 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Albiene, Texas to meet the Winers. Logan, age 26, and Alison, age 29 have 10 children. As a single mother, Alison had Melissa who is 15. Together, they had fraternal nonuplets Orla, Kayla, Teddy, Bryce, Tyler, Andrew, Adrian, Trent, and Tristin who are all 3. This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Pit.

Other techniques: Privilege Ball, Stay in Bed, Big Boy Technique, Snack Jar Technique


Naughty Pit


The Naughty Pit

Table of bad behaviorEdit

The following is a table displaying each of the nonuplets' bad behaviors. The more they have, the more amok runners that nonuplet might have the same brain mixed with. All except Trent pee on things. In the action "payback", the nonuplets' aggression turns on each other. In other actions, the nonuplets' aggression turns on Logan, Alison, Melissa, and Jo. There are 1-9 moves per Nonuplet, from misbehaving the most to the least.

Nonuplet Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 Move 5 Move 6 Move 7 Move 8 Move 9
Orla Swearing Payback Biting Spitting Throwing Things Disrespecting Home Knocking chairs Pushing off trampolines Running down the streets
Adrian Swearing Climb on furniture Biting Hitting Grabbing Faces Disrespecting Home Knocking chairs Attempting to commit suicide
Teddy Back-talking Climb on furniture Biting Hitting Throwing Things Pushing Pulling Hair
Tristin Back-talking Payback Name Calling Spitting Grabbing Faces Pushing
Bryce Swearing Climb on furniture Biting Spitting Throwing Things
Tyler Back-talking Payback Name Calling Hitting
Andrew Back-talking Climb on furniture Name Calling
Kayla Swearing Payback
Trent Back-talking