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  • I live in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
  • I was born on December 30
  • My occupation is Waitress
  • I am Female
Tiny Toon Adventures

Tiny Toon Adventures

Introducing Me

I'm born on 30th December 1985 and I'm a music lover, computer lover, internet lover, cartoon lover and DVD lover!!!!


  • My favorite cake flavor is chocolate fudge
  • My favorite color is pink
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla
  • My favorite movies are the 1994 remake of Miracle on 34th Street, Free Willy, Disney\Pixar's A Bug's Life, Disney\Pixar's Cars, Disney\Pixar's Ratatouille, Babe
  • My favorite authors are Roald Dahl, Pat Hutchins and Ann M. Martin
  • My favorite VHS companies are BBC Video, The Video Collection, Central Video, Thames Video Collection and Tempo Video Children's Stories

What Characters I Love to Dub

  1. RED means a cartoon movie
  2. PURPLE means a live action movie
  3. BLUE means a live action TV show
  4. DARK PINK means a cartoon show
  • Disney's Peter Pan ~ Michael Darling
  • Under the Hawthorn Tree ~ Peggy O'Driscoll
  • Babe ~ Babe
  • Disney's The Rescuers ~ Penny
  • The Babysitters Club (TV series) ~ Stacey McGill
  • Tom and Jerry: The Movie ~ Jerry Mouse
  • Disney's Pinocchio ~ Blue Fairy
  • A Troll in Central Park ~ Rosie
  • Disney's TaleSpin ~ Molly Cunningham
  • Sesame Street ~ Zoe
  • Barney and Friends ~ Kathy (First Generation)
  • Frosty the Snowman ~ Karen
  • Tiny Toon Adventures ~ Elmyra
  • Looney Tunes ~ Goldimouse
  • Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears ~ Sunni Gummi
  • The Sound of Music ~ Louisa von Trapp
  • The Christmas Toy ~ Jamie Jones
  • Rugrats ~ Cleaver Kid

My favorite pages

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