Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny,"

Shannon: "You are going straight onto the Naughty Log, RIGHT NOW!!"

Announcer: "Jo meets the Truel Family,"

Myca/Seth/Aiden/Ari/Trevor: "Melissa is a fat pig!"

Adrian/Cameron: "Fatty, fatty, fat, fat! Fatty, fatty, fat, fat!"

Sean/Samantha/John: "Melissa is a tubby fatso!"

Announcer: "Jo encounters the sets of twins..."

[Seth and Aiden snicker at Melissa, who is overweight]

[Adrian and Cameron draw pictures of Melissa, being as round as a bowling ball with a caption "I'm fat!"]

Announcer: "And triplets..."

[Trevor, Myca and Ari are making comments about Melissa's weight]

John/Samantha/Seth: (chanting) "Melissa's a fatso! Melissa's a fatso! Melissa's a fatso!"

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look at what family we've got this week. I am in Anchorage, Alaska."

???: "Hi, I'm Sabrina, and I'm an event planner."

Melissa: "Those triplets make fun of me because I'm fat."

House RulesEdit

Naughty Log techniqueEdit

[Trevor climbs on a table and pees on it]

Shannon: "Get off there now, Trevor. You do not pee on the table."

Trevor: "Go kill yourself, you filthy animal!"

[Sean stands on a fireplace]

Shannon: "Sean. Get off the fireplace."

Sean: "NO!"

[Samantha tries to pee on Shannon's computer]

Samantha: "Samantha do a pee-pee on the computer IT'S A BIG THUMBS UP!"

[Samantha does a thumbs-up gesture]

Shannon: "Do not try to pee on my computer."

Samantha: "NO!"

[Samantha spins a chair]

Samantha: "Samantha spin the chair that is good!."

Shannon: "Don't touch the chair."

Trevor: "You're (bleep) stupid."

Seth: "We shall kill you, mom."

Shannon: "Don't you dare!"

[Aiden flips Shannon off]

Shannon: "You're going on the Naughty Log."

(Aiden pees on the Naughty Log)

Shannon: "Seriously, don't pee on that again."

(Aiden pees on the Naughty Log)

Shannon: "I'm going to do step number 2 with you because you're not listening."

Jo: "There is no step number-"

Shannon: "You hold him for six minutes."

(Aiden pees on Shannon's lap)

Aiden: "I done a wee."

Shannon: "Do that again and I'll do step number 3 with you because you're not listening."

Jo: "Undo step number two, put him down and walk away."

[Shannon deposits Aiden onto the Naughty Log and confiscates his Nerf Vortex Vigilion by placing it into the Toy Time-Out Box]

[Aiden escapes the Naughty Log, goes into Shannon's bedroom, locks the door and begins to watch Pokémon Diamond and Pearl DVDs on TV]

[Shannon unlocks the door with a key]

Shannon: "Aiden, what are you doing watching Pokémon when you're supposed to be sitting in timeout?"

Aiden: "Go kill yourself!"

Shannon: "I'm turning it off, then."

[Shannon switches off the TV]

[Melissa is playing on the Wii]

The twins and triplets make fun of MelissaEdit

Adrian/Samantha: "Melissa is a fatty fatty fat fat!"

Seth: "Melissa's so fat, that cows moo at her!"

Sean: "She should be a sumo wrestler."

Melissa: "Now this is just about enough."

Myca/Ari: "What's up, Shamu?"

Melissa: "What did you just call me?"

Melissa: "Those little ones just call me fat. They make fun of me for being overweight. They call me names like, 'tubby', 'Shamu', 'lardo', 'pig', 'oinker', 'Hogzilla' and 'wide load'."

Samantha: "Look, it's Melissa, the Incredible Bulk! She should have her own zip code!"

[Samantha goes onto the computer, onto Melissa's Facebook page, uploads a picture of Melissa and types in, "I am a chunky monkey! I changed my name to tubby!"]

Melissa: "What did you guys just do?"

[Melissa gasps in horror]

Samantha: "HA! You overweight hippo!"

Vandal Disposal and White Sheets techniqueEdit

Samantha: (recording into Melissa's Nintendo 3DS via sound recorder) "I am Melissa, I am a big fat oinker, I have no life, everybody hates me and I should be a sumo wrestler because I am a fatso!"

Jo: "My word..."

Melissa: "I better erase that."

[Melissa erases the recorded sound]

Jo: "I brought in the White Sheets today."

[Shannon places a white sheet on her computer]

[Shannon wraps a white sheet across the fireplace]

[Melissa wraps her Nintendo 3DS with a white sheet]

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