The Tiniathan family is a fanon season 1 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits New Castle, Delaware to meet the Tiniathans. Hugh, age 34, and Sharon, age 31 have trouble with their 2 kids. Lauren, age 4 is a disrespectful girl that hurts her little brother Adrian, who is 2 years old. Something that the 2 tots have in common is hitting their parents. Jo introduces the Naughty Pillow for the very first time, but will it be enough to make the disrespect die down?


Naughty Pillow


  • Lauren has the same brain mixed with Andra from the Jeans Family.
  • Adrian has the same brain mixed with Adam from the Gorbea Family. He also has the same brain mixed with two non-amok runners: Justin from the Larmer Family and Billy from the Bailey Family.