Jo does not revisit the Thorndykes, but Gloria does. 11 years ago, Jo visited the said family. In this episode, the former amok runners are well-behaved, but there are 3 more adopted children that have their old behaviors: Robby, age 13 (from Malaysia), Tasmin, age 7 (from Canada), and Lee-Yoo, age 4 (from North Korea). Robby likes to sneak out at night with his friends to do drugs. Tasmin shouts at her relatives and gets into her mother's makeup, and Lee-Yoo refuses to wake up for preschool and is very violent. Can Gloria fix all of these problems in the family? This episode marks an issue of the Calm Down Zone and Privilege Removal Board (for Robby and Tasmin), Naughty Square (for Lee-Yoo), Chore Buddy System, Rise & Shine, and Drug Disposal.