This is a swarming special, where, as a team, twenty stubborn people will team up to succeed a family, or they might fail otherwise. They meet one of the youngest mothers, she has a daughter named Carla (33). Norton (45) and Stella (40) have 5 deviously difficult kids. Samantha (5) does bad things to get their parents' attention and swears. Lois (4) fights and bites. Elijah (3) throws food on the floor and spits. Fraternal twins Garret and Garrie (2) are the worst. Carla's three children Stefani (17), and Charlotte and Bernice (both 16) are both well-behaved, and try to help her. Carla's husband Jorma (38) tries to help her. Charlotte and Bernice are not twins, but it's Charlotte's birthday next fortnight and Bernice turned 16 a few weeks ago. The amok runners will also ruin the holidays.