Narrator: "Good evening, Supernanny fans. Unfortunately, there's no new episode of Supernanny this week. Hold tight, because the season is continuing until August. But, we got you covered until then, we are giving you something else. A full montage of Supernanny updates in Season 8."

Part 1Edit

Jo: "Hello, Nicole. How are you?"

Nicole: "I am doing great, and things have gotten better than they used to. Orla's at a new school, and there hasn't been any problems as they were cleared since your last visit. She's trying the new foods, and everything's working out just fine. Plus, she hasn't been back to the Naughty Pit, huh, Orla?"

Orla: "I like my new school because I get to meet new friends."

Nicole: "I'd like you to meet my new husband, Robert Jennings. He is a YouTuber."

Jo: "Nice to meet you."

Robert: "Hi."

Jo: Hi Robert, how are you?

Robert: I'm good