Jo meets back the season 1 families for it has been at least a year since she last seen them.

Family orderEdit

Part 1Edit

Part one went on in the car, looking at the Birou Family's update. Before looking at the Sanderman Family's update, the house she observed is the Birou Family household. After that update, the parents were taking the four daughters to school.

  • Birou Family (Orla has changed her ways since Jo's visit, she is not hurting her sisters anymore or ruining events; she is now getting along well with her family since she burned herself with a cigarette lighter. Nicole has been married to a YouTuber named Robert Jennings two weeks ago, making her full name Nicole Birou-Jennings. It is also revealed that she is pregnant with twins.)
  • Sanderman Family (Tony has changed since Jo's visit, he is no longer stealing from stores)

Part 2Edit

Part two went on in the Nintendo WFC Company.

  • Mazar Family (Things have changed since Jo's visit, neither they are making fun of their parents nor acting odd around the clock any longer.)
  • Eriksonner Family (Things have changed since Nanny Jo's visit. The boys are getting along better as brothers, and as a family.)
  • Langbroek Family (The triplets have changed since Jo's visit. A month after turning 21, Kristin has been married to a cardiologist named Dr. Greg Warmus, making her full name Kristin Langbroek-Warmus.)

Part 3Edit

Part three went on back in the Birou Family household.

  • Room Family (The twin teenagers are now in college, and everyone, including Tori, sleeps in their own specific bed.)
  • Tiniathan Family (Lauren has changed since Jo's visit; she is no longer hurting her little brother and they are getting along better than they used to. The family recently adopted a puppy named Freckles)
  • Kempington Family (Wendy, Dylan, and Andy have changed since Jo's visit)

Part 4Edit

  • Anderson Family (Leighton, Jessica, and Tommy have changed since Jo's visit, they don't mind if Cheryl ignores them, and everyone sleeps in their own bed.)
  • Irine Family (The 8 crazy children have changed since Jo's visit)
  • Bronson Family (Julia and Jordan have changed since Jo's visit, they are no longer attempting to menace Sierra)


  • The Announcer said "There's no new episode of Supernanny this week".

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