This is the policy to create episodes properly and the main rules are as follows:

  1. Add proper techniques, since abusive techniques should not be tolerated (unless the nanny is Webeewize Unyubeekuku).
  2. Try not to mix ages with techniques with a certain age range.
  3. Do not have too many exclamation points. It is a basic, fanon encyclopedia.
  4. Always include the parents' names, and make sure they are at a realistic age.
  5. A family must have at least 2 children.
  6. Episodes should have techniques.
  7. Also, include a reason why Supernanny would be summoned to a family (description of child's behavior, etc.)
  8. Don't add "VERY" to every discipline technique
  9. Don't add fictional creatures (such as aliens)
  10. You must add in a real location.
  11. Don't reveal any dull marriages.
  12. Make sure that the nanny or manny is not too old (over 60).
  13. Make sure that the family doesn't impersonate another from a cartoon, movie, or game series. This also applies to family trees of a historical figure.
  14. Make sure to use proper grammar.

Thanks for listening to the rules! If you break multiple rules, you might get a warning. If it persists, you might receive a block for a certain amount of time.

-The SNFW staff


Here is an example that is made correctly: Funnie Family

Here is a fake article that is made incorrectly: Idusa Family

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