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This wikia was created in October 22, 2011. Check out the founder's blog post. How would you like to take part in voting on The Crazy Character Voting Program? Click here. Also, click here if you want to take part in voting on the Video Game Voting Program.

The wikia contains strong language, proceed with caution

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Extra Terms and Conditions; Strict Policy

  1. You CANNOT cheat to recieve badges, such as adding irrelevant categories to pages, making disruptive edits or adding unneeded images.
  2. It's OK to swear. The uncensored swearing ban was repealed in July 2018. (it was always OK to swear, but before that you needed to at least censor it like f***, but not so anymore.) However, please do not use homophobic or racist language because the Fandom staff do not permit it. (that will need to be censored like n*****.)
  3. It's OK if you make an episode with abusive techniques, but it must be a Selfishnanny/Selfishmanny special.
  4. Before July 2018, you couldn't uncensor profanity. See the removal of the rule in rule 2.
  5. ONLY THE ADMINS decide when a particular user is blocked or banned. You are NOT BANNED if you are blocked for 24 hours, you ARE BANNED if you are blocked for like forever.
  6. You CANNOT boss around.
  7. You CANNOT complain about edit conflicting and blame other people. It is never anyone's fault.
  8. If you're an admin and you're blocking someone, please provide a valid reason.
  9. Keep the Theory games as is, you can make recommendations in the comments. ONLY THE ADMINS can edit them.
  10. You CANNOT pretend you have admin qualities.
  11. You CANNOT ask for adminship or bureaucrat rights. We currently have six admins, which is enough. You can, however, have moderator or rollback rights, but you must work hard enough to obtain them. 
  12. You CANNOT mock an admin.
  13. If you have a disability (i.e. Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc.), we can help you with your contributions. Don't worry, we won't discriminate or bully you.
  14. The only marriages involving two characters who appeared in the main fanon SN series are Tariko Kirochu and Kai Hiwatari, Ember Kodansa and Polo Cap, Catherine Cap and Corey Iconic-Todaro, and Tanya Jackson and Treat Jennings. Do not add any more marriages that connect fanon families.
  15. NO uploading irrelevant images.
  16. You CANNOT make revisited episodes involving fan-made families you did not create, unless if you ask the original creator of that family's permission first. You are, however, free to create revisited episodes with your own fan-made families. Similarly, you CANNOT make episodes featuring characters who appeared in a fanon SN episode, but not related to the target family in that episode, that you did not create unless if you ask permission.
  17. NO families that impersonate another family from another piece of media or a family tree from a historical figure. Also, we do not use canon SN characters except for Jo Frost, Mike Ruggles, and Deborah Tillman. 
  18. You CANNOT say you're hacked when you're not.
  19. You CANNOT joke about pages too much. The admins are going to think you're not funny and your jokes are dumb.
  20. We do not like childish behaviour that results in making fun of other users, spamming photos, and spamming comments.
  21. You CANNOT make accusations towards other users and admins, saying that they bullied them, we can help you work it out peacefully.
  22. You CANNOT use any wiki page use on another wiki via link in a new page.
  23. Photos of real-life people CANNOT be used for what the fanon characters look like. They are banned due to safety reasons.
  24. You CANNOT just kill off characters made by other users.
  25. As of June 2019, only logged-in users can contribute to the wiki due to vandalism and misconduct.
  26. You CANNOT complain about people from different families sharing the same first name. It is perfectly normal for people to have the same name. On top of that, please do not complain about things being "unoriginal" too much. Let people do what they want with their work, as long as it doesn't violate this policy. 
  27. Do NOT ask us to unblock blocked users.
  28. We would like to remind everyone that just because we have a bashing edit series on this wiki does not mean you can vandalise pages for the sake of putting content in it.
  29. Do NOT use YouTube videos as an excuse to vandalize this Wiki

Any violation to these rules may result in a warning, and repeated violations may result in a block (or if you're an admin, you may not be one anymore). You may also be reviewed on the Disruptive Editing Chart. For the policy for creating Fanon episodes, please click here.

Latest News

  • In addition to that, there is also a new wiki created by Plankton5165 called "Ultimate Supernanny Wiki". It tells you all information about the Fanon series and main series. HOWEVER, the airdates are based on when the articles were created.
  • On August 5, 2013, Plankton5165 created the "Giuseppe Todaro Wiki".
  • On August 26, 2013, Plankton5165 created the "Supernanny Fanon Games Wiki", where users other than admins can create their own Supernanny-related games and videos.
  • On September 13, 2013, a user usernamed Chartfanlover created an important blog post at the 5thCent Entertainment vs. Wiki.  It can be seen here.
  • On September 16, 2013, Plankton5165 created the "Plankton5165's Official Wiki". It can be found here. ThePlankton5165 provides, as a YouTube account, and the rival of 5thCent Entertainment, also chart-countdown videos.
  • Some characters also have their own official music charts. For information, It can be found here.
  • If you wish to be able to vote in ThePlankton5165 charts, you can vote in The Crazy Character Voting Program, in the user blog.
  • The second voting program is now available. This time, it's on the video games by the SNFW Administration. We will open it today as part of the Wild Weekend event from Nov. 9-10. Here's a link: It can be found here.
  • There is a new blogpost on the 5thCent vs. Wiki. It can be found here.
  • There is a new wiki on the video game spin-off of the Theory series called Sophie the Otter: Tough Girl wiki. It can be found here.
  • On December 24, 2013, Plankton5165 created "Family S.O.S. With Jo Frost Wiki". It can be found here..
  • On December 21, 2015, Plankton5165 created "ABCDEFGH Wiki". Here's a link: It can be found here.

Fanon Seasons

The series might NEVER END!



  • Jo Frost (Season 1-Season 30) (2004-2032) (born 1971) (1985-2032 as a nanny, 2004-2032 as a TV personality)
  • Gloria Robinson (Season 30-Season 31, Season 33-present) (2032-present) (born 2009) (2026, 2030-present as a nanny, 2026-present as a TV personality)
  • Ola Smith (Season 32) (2034) (born 2009) (2027, 2034-present as a nanny, 2027-present as a TV personality)
  • Kendra Lawson (Season 30-present) (2032-present) (born 1968) (1988-2038 as a nanny, 2032-2038 as a TV personality)


  • Mike Ruggles



The admins are:

Ineligible For Admin

  • Dynasti Noble and related accounts: Reason is due to poor behavior outside wiki and both on Creation Wiki, where she was blocked and the admins here did not disagree with the block, and Twitter, also has sockpuppeted. She was still formerly able to edit this wiki, but has eventually been blocked for multiple offenses, Do not ask any of the admins to unblock her.