Stella Yang (born May 10, 2014) is one of the daughters of Kent and Celeste Yang and the identical decaplet sister of Piper, Sienna, Linda, Sharee, Dora, Sandy, Melanie, Malaika and Rita.

She is a boss in Supernanny: The Theory International

Fame Checker DescriptionsEdit

Loud, bossy, and quick-tempered Chinese-American Kid


a Chinese-American kid with long black hair, squinty brown hair


she has no idea about her family history, and neither do her sisters. Very bossy, loud and quick to a temper

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Kent Yang (1978-)
  • Mother: Celeste Yang (née: Gavin) (1981-)
  • Sisters: Linda Yang (2014-), Sharee Yang (2014-), Dora Yang (2014-), Sandy Yang (2014-), Melanie Yang (2014-), Malaika Yang (2014-), Rita Yang (2014-), Piper Yang (2014-), Sienna Yang (2014-)
  • Aunts: Rhonda Båo-Yang ( -), Dominique Yang, Ingrid Gavin-Guo ( -)
  • Uncles: Arnold Yang ( -), Yancy Guo (1979 -)
  • Cousins: Diana Yang ( -), Dolores ( -), Xiao, Zhou
  • Great-Grandfathers: Feng Ngo, Chiao Yang, Hongjun Xiao, Harding Gavin
  • Great-Grandmothers: Mei Yang (nee: Du), Dongmei Ngo (Nee: Wang), Winona Gavin (nee: Jones), Yuru Xiao (nee: Ba)
  • Grandmothers: Wilma Yang (née: Xiao ) (1956-) Abigail Gavin (née: Ngo) (1957-)
  • Grandfathers: Ernest Yang (1953-), Solomon Gavin (1954-)

In Supernanny MysteriesEdit


  • Her full name is Stella Ophelia Yang
  • She and her decaplet sisters are fans of the Disney Princess franchise
  • her favorite flower is Jasmine
  • her favorite subject in preschool is Chinese
  • Her favorite Disney Princess is Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin
  • her favorite foods are chicken fried rice, chow Mein, dim sums, sweet and sour chicken and dumplings
  • she and her sisters were born the Year of the Wood Horse
  • Her surname Yang means "Aspen, or Willow" in old Chinese
  • her favorite season is summer
  • one of her favorite numbers is 5
  • One of her hobbies includes Kung-fu
  • her family's religion is Buddhism
  • Her parents came from Beijing, China to America as refugees
  • Her family adopted a golden retriever puppy named Nugget after Jo Frost saved her family.
  • her favorite colors are yellow, blue, red and gold
  • her favorite holiday is Chinese New Year