In this episode, Webeewize goes to Ukraine to face yet a lesbian couple. Зоряна (40) and Софія (30) have five daughters. Василина (11), Олександра (9), and Анастасія (7) are Зоряна's children, and Ганна and Оксана (both 5) are Софія's children. The 5-year olds are not twins, but Ганна's 6th birthday will be in a few short weeks, and Оксана turned 5 years old a few weeks ago. However, it's nephew Микола (6) who is unruly in the household. Микола is the child of single mother Катерина (35), who is Зоряна's sister. Софія's sister Мирослава (33) and her husband Рycлан (27) have two children: Кирило, age 7 and born deaf, and Михайло, age 5 and born profoundly autistic, are also unruly. Webeewize doesn't need a comuppance, but she is quite useful, according to Cooper Bates. She has a mother who is a sibling of many of Supernanny's siblings. Her spouse is John Bates, born 2000. Webeewize certainly doesn't need a comuppance, but stubborn nannies can make a very good consequence.