The Sanderman Family is a Season 1 fanon episode of Supernanny. Jo meets the Sandermen in Los Angeles, CA. The family's 3 kids are acting like maniacs, most notably Tony, who is 2 1/2 years old. He can hit his 5-year old sister, Roberta, causing him to go into timeout. Jason (8) throws tantrums, gets angry, hits his siblings and menaces his siblings alot. Tony is a bad shoplifter who steals items from various stores. This episode features the Naughty Pit, which it made its second episode appearance in a row. This also includes the Naughty Corner for Roberta and the Naughty Room for Jason.


Naughty Pit


  • At 45, Emma became the oldest woman on the fanon Supernanny series.
  • At 8, Jason became the oldest child on the fanon Supernanny series.
  • Along with Birou Family, the Sanderman Family returned for Part 1 of the Supernanny Season 1 Special Update.
  • Tony has the same brain mixed with 5 amok runners:
    • Shermie from the Young Family (season 2 episode)
    • Declan from the Orm Family
    • Hannah from the Citarella Family
    • Benjamin from the Fager Family
    • Blake from the Ririe Family
  • Nicole from the Birou Family has reappeared in this episode.