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The Remano Family is a fanon season 7 episode of supernanny. Jo visits the Remano Family around Lincoln, Nebraska. Hugo, and Bruna, both aged 34, have 8 children. Katarina, age 20, was adopted to the United States, and is the only well-behaved child, but as for her other siblings, they are all far from it. Rowan, age 14, has no respect for his parents and rapidly calls them every name in the book. He sneaks out late at night to goes to his friends house and does drugs. Sam, age 13, has violent outbursts, and rapidly punches things with rage, and swears. Joshua, age 13, rapidly back-talks, swears, takes dares, insults other people, and does drugs. Meghann, age 11, rapidly misbehaves, bites, kicks and fights. Bryce, age 6, rapidly hits, bites, is nonstop and agressive, and often swears. Jose, age 4, rapidly disrespects home, pours conditioner and shampoo everywhere, and constantly spits. Orla, age 3, is a very picky eater and sloppy writer and she only writes bad words, and does all other stuff constantly and rapidly. In addition, each amok runner has been expelled from at least one school or daycare! The others than Joshua, Rowan, and Meghann are uncommonly well-behaved. Can Jo nip this bad behavior in the bud or will the amok runners send her away?

Discipline techniques: Reflection Room (for Rowan, Sam, Joshua, Meghann, and Bryce), Naughty Pit (for Orla), Naughty Platform (for Jose), Electronic Confiscation (for Rowan, Joshua, Sam and Meghann) and Toy Confiscation (for Bryce, Jose and Orla). Hugo and Bruna become grandparents aged just 34, seems very young for a grandfather. The youngest aunt of the child will be Orla, as Katarina Remano is nine months pregnant.

Other techniques: Essay OrderShared Play, White Sheets, Shared Chore Bracket, Vandal Disposal and Snack Box.

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