The Regunal Family is a fanon Season 2 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Lexington,KY to meet the Regunals. Louis, age 36, and Josephine, age 32, have 8 wild kids. Fraternal quadruplets Louis, Dana, Kate, and Finn, age 5, Nigel, age 4, Cecily, age 2, and identical twins Janet and Julia, age 1 1/2. The quadruplets, Nigel, and Cecily all misbehave as they throw their food, a sign meaning to refuse to eat. This is worrisome, especially since Cecily has Type 1 Diabetes and the fact that Nigel is underweight due to anemia and according to a food survey his mother recently took on how much he ate. Can Jo help the Regunal Family or will everything fall apart? This episode marks an issue with the Naughty Step.


Naughty Step


  • The quadruplets, Nigel, and Cecily all have the same brain mixed with Dylan from the Van Acker Family.