The Reflection Room is the most famous discipline technique. It was first issued in the Juritin Family. Same rules as in the real Supernanny episodes. This discipline technique is suitable for children 6 and over. The child will sit in a room (such as the dining room, the basement, etc) and reflect on the errors of his/her ways. This technique is sometimes called the Calm Down Zone, Reflection Area or Cool-Down Area.

Reflection Room


  1. Always go down to the child's level and give a warning via low-tone voice
  2. Put child in Reflection Room if child ignores warning.
  3. Come down to child's level again
  4. Explain why child is in the Reflection Room.
  5. Start timer one minutes for child's age
  6. Walk away
  7. If child escapes put back in room and reset timer. *no talking*
  8. Explain why child was put in time out after time is up and ask for apology.
  9. Child apologizes *if not let them stay in for some more time*
  10. Hugs and kisses.
  11. Move on.


Reflection RoomEdit

Calm Down ZoneEdit

Reflection AreaEdit

  • Craft Family (Gabbie for 13 minutes, Megan for 10 minutes)
  • Futterman Family (Calvin for 12 minutes, Diamond for 10 minutes, Leonard for 7 minutes)
  • Mee Family (Von for 10 minutes)
  • Tomson Family (Mary Anne for 3 minutes)
  • Burns Family (Rory, Phillip, Christopher, John, Michael, Mark, Dermot, Sean, Niall, Conor, Ben, James, Kyle and Derek for 12 minutes, Aine, Aisling, Claire, Eimear, Emma, Erin, Geraldine, Karen, Laura, Lisa, Niamh, Oonagh, Roisin and Yvonne for 10 minutes)
  • Powney Family (Yoshua for 13 minutes, Lydie for 10 minutes)
  • Sharp Family (Sharon for 6 minutes)
  • McMali Family (Brian for 11 minutes, Wally for 8 minutes, Mitch for 5 minutes)

Cool-Down AreaEdit