Jasmin's decision

Jasmin: "Oliver, your behavior at BMC and military school was appalling. I am sending you to boot camp because you misbehaved in both BMC and military school."

Oliver: "Aww, man! Now I have to do more sit-ups, running laps, and pushups!"

Jasmin: "Too bad. You have to!"

1 week after Oliver has left

[Jasmin and Jeff are watching The Pajanimals together on TV]

Cut to:

[Oliver bites an officer]

Officer: "You have to do 20 pushups!"

[Oliver does pushups while the officer is counting]

2 weeks after Oliver has left, Jasmin gets a call

[Beatrice, Quinn, Jeff and Jasmin are playing Candyland]

Beatrice: "It's your turn, mommy."

[the phone rings]

Jasmin: "I will be back in just a minute, guys!"

[Jasmin answers the phone]

Jasmin: "Hello, Lake Residence, Jasmin speaking."

Marjorie Victory: "Mrs. Lake, your son is out of control! Come and get him right now!"

Jasmin: "Wait, who is this?"

Marjorie Victory: " "

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