Naughty Pit

The Naughty Pit was first issued in the Birou Family. The child goes inside a clean trash-can shaped piece of furniture. They need to stay there for a dependable amount of time based on their age, then apologize for the unacceptable behavior. It is necessary for the child to be hugged and/or kissed by the parent. Also, 10 beanbags are in the Naughty Pit. After the child leaves and/or the Naughty Pit gets moved, 2 extra beanbags are sent. The children must be under 3. The amount of Naughty Pits is based on how many children under 3 misbehave, for example, Marxonica Family has Ashley and Inez that both misbehave and there would be two naughty pits, one for Ashley, and one for Inez.


  1. Give child a warning via firm voice
  2. Send child to Naughty Pit, no conversation
  3. Explain why child is in Naughty Pit
  4. Discard 10 beanbags, then walk away
  5. Leave child in Naughty Pit one minute per year of age
  6. Discard 2 additional beanbags for each move
  7. Explain the bad behavior
  8. Leave child in Naughty Pit if he/she refuses to apologize
  9. Return child to Naughty Pit if he/she leaves before time is up
  10. Get child to apologize
  11. Hugs and kisses
  12. Move on