Naughty Log

The Naughty Log was first issued in the Belushi Family. A child sits on a cylinder-shaped piece of furniture and sits on here for a dependable amount of time. Then apologizes to the parent. It is for kids aged 2-11. This discipline technique is inappropriate for children 12 and over.


  • Belushi Family (Teddy, Bryce and Nicholas for 3 minutes)
  • Truel Family (Seth and Aiden for 6 minutes, Trevor, Myca and Ari for 4 minutes, Sean, John and Samantha for 3 minutes, Cameron and Adrian for 2 minutes)
  • Everitt Family (Adrian, Ashton, Callum and Acker for 6 minutes, Hastings, Gerald, Florence and Malford for 5 minutes, India, Ingress, Caden and Clinton for 4 minutes, Justine, Edith, Naomi and Martha for 3 minutes Billy, Elaine, Kathryn and Millicent for 2 minutes)
  • Forgiauan Family (Randy for 11 minutes, Gloria for 7 minutes, Mindy for 4 minutes, Rachel for 2 minutes)
  • Zunier Family (Veronica, Rosie, Isabella, and Harriet for 4 minutes)
  • Golben Family (John for 4 minutes, Tristin for 3 minutes, Katelyn for 2 minutes)
  • Gaccre Family (Hunter, Aiden, Adrian, Callum, Hayden, Graham, Kennedy, Oscar, Reginald, Torquil, Brendan, Cameron, Frederick, Hans, Randolph, Charles, John, River, Ulick and Craig for 7 minutes, Brenda, Cathleen, Tegan, Patricia, Sheila, Lexi, Skylar, Jeannie, Muriel, Dove, Eve, Elisabetta, Madeliene, Ashlyn, Leighton, Sylvia, Elena, Amanda, Shelby and Lydia for 4 minutes)
  • Nurin Family (Fiona, Emma, and Merum for 4 minutes, Charles for 3 minutes, Tia for 2 minutes)
  • Acoustir Family (John, Adrian and Katelin for 4 minutes, Teddy, Bryce, and Garrett for 3 minutes, Billy and Jessica for 2 minutes)
  • Gringer Family (Cricket, Ed and Cara for 5 minutes)
  • Brady Family (Phoebe for 8 minutes, Henry for 4 minutes, William for 3 minutes, Joni, Otter and Mick for 2 minutes)
  • Keaton Family (Polly for 4 minutes)