Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

[Adrian screams]

Announcer: "Jo meets the Megnet Family."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look at what family we've got this week."

???: "Hi, we're the Megnet Family! I'm Sabrina, and I'm a wedding planner."


Family IssuesEdit

Adrian observation with SabrinaEdit

[Adrian knocks a chair over]

[Adrian knocks a slide over]

[Adrian knocks a bike over]

[Adrian knocks two chairs over simultaneously]

Sabrina: "Adrian, wait! No, put the things you knocked over back up."

Adrian: "I DON'T WANT TO!"

Sabrina: "Get over here right this instant, Adrian."

Adrian: "Fine, you stupid (bleep)."

Sabrina: "We don't say those dirty words. That's not nice."

Adrian: "I like saying them, (bleep)!"

Jo: "Sabrina, put him on the Naughty Platform because he didn't listen even though you already gave him a warning."

[Sabrina puts Adrian onto the Naughty Platform]

Sabrina: "You are staying on this platform until mommy comes and gets you. In addition, your Muno is going in toy jail."

[Sabrina confiscates Adrian's Muno plush and puts it in the toy time-out box]

Trip to the Grocery StoreEdit

Jo: "Sabrina gathered her kids with her on a trip to the grocery store, but the whole trip turned out to be a disaster,"

[Adrian goes into the candy aisle and grabs a big bag of candy]

Adrian: "Please, mommy!"

Sabrina: "No, we're not getting candy today,"

Samantha: "It was so embarrassing. Adrian started whining, crying, kicking, and screaming, 'I WANT CANDY!'"

[Adrian deposits a bottle of SunKist into the shopping cart]

Adrian: "I want soda!"

Sabrina: "No, Adrian! Go put the soda back!"

[Adrian grabs a bag of potato chips and throws it into the cart]

[Adrian goes into the cookies aisle, grabs as many packages of cookies as possible and deposits them in the cart]

Sabrina: "No! Adrian, go put those back!"

Adrian: "I WANT COOKIES!!!"

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

Naughty Platform TechniqueEdit

Jo: Today I am Introducing the Naughty Platform techquine the kids execpt for Mark.

Jo: Mark gets the Naughty Swivel when he misbehaves.

Sabrina: Okay

Adrian observation with 3-year old quadrupletsEdit

Jo: "Adrian was playing board games in the house with the quadruplets, and it gave me a really good opportunity to watch him how he interacts with other children around."

[Adrian picks up a card that shows Princess Lolly, but he moves his pawn two spaces past the Princess Lolly space]

Samantha: "You cheated."

Adrian: "No, I did not."

Samantha: "Yes you did. You're not on the space that's on the card you drew."

[Adrian snatches Samantha's pawn from her hand]

Samantha: "Adrian, no! Give my person back."

[Adrian throws the Candyland board game to the wall]

Samantha: "[walks to Mark crying] Daddy! He threw the board and took my person."

Mark: "Oh, no. That wasn't very nice."

[Adrian scatters the Candyland cards everywhere]

Samantha [running into her room, wailing]: "Mommy, he ruined the game!"

Jo: "Adrian ruined a game of Candyland he and Samantha were playing. Then, he tortured another quadruplet."

Adrian: "I'm going to kill you!"

Gabrielle: "No, please, Mommy, help me!"

Sabrina: "Come on, Adrian, you need to go sit in timeout."

Adrian: "No, Poo-Poo face!"

Sabrina: "Get up. Walk over to the Naughty Platform."

[Sabrina places Adrian on the Naughty Platform]

Sabrina: "It is not OK to hurt your sisters' feelings. That is why you are in timeout right now."

[Sabrina leaves Adrian on the Naughty Platform and confiscates his Elmo doll]

[Adrian leaves the Naughty Platform (15 seconds later)]

Adrian: "GO!"

Sabrina: "Adrian, come back here."

[Hailey and Hannah climb to a clean garbage can]

[Adrian deposits the lid on the garbage can and bangs it loud with a toy hammer (20 seconds later)]

[Hailey and Hannah, tortured, whimper hysterically]

[Adrian puts approximately 10 balls in the garbage can]

[Adrian knocks the garbage can over]

Hailey and Hannah: "OW! Help, help!"

[Sabrina picks Adrian up and takes him back over to the Naughty Platform]

Jo: "But then, Adrian got back up again."

[Adrian leaves the Naughty Platform once more and makes a mad dash into Sabrina's bedroom and locks the door while he watches a Go Diego Go DVD on TV (35 seconds later)]

[Sabrina unlocks the door and enters the room]

Sabrina: "Adrian, can you turn off Diego? You're not supposed to be watching that if you're in timeout."

Adrian: "NO!"

[Sabrina switches off the TV, confiscates Adrian's Go Diego Go DVD and deposits Adrian back onto the Naughty Platform (37 seconds later)]


DVD MeetingEdit


Bye Bye Jo-JoEdit

Family UpdateEdit