The Mazar Family is a fanon Season 1 episode of Supernanny with a family that overcomes the death of their maternal grandmother to diabetes. Jo visits Portland, Oregon with 40-year old parents, Steve Mazar and Debra Mazar with 10 children: Shannon who is 8, triplets Trenton, Cameron, and Caila who are all 7, Leighton who is 5 1/2, twins Bronson and River who are 4, Ainsley who is 3, Bryce who is 2, and Myles who is 13 weeks old.

Twins Bronson and River, Ainsley, and Bryce all make fun of their parents act odd around the clock so Jo introduces the Naughty Square.

The parents usually ignore Myles a lot, so Jo introduces the Baby Log.



  • Mazar Family returned with Eriksonner Family and Langbroek Family in the Supernanny Season 1 Special Update.
  • Shannon has the same brain mixed with Jessica from the Baulisch Family.
  • The triplets have the same brain mixed with Jennifer from the Baulisch Family.
  • Leighton has the same brain mixed with Kristin from the Baulisch family.
  • Ainsley, Bryce, and the twins all have the same brain mixed with 8 amok runners:
    • Kobe from the Newton Family
    • Teddy from the Tsironis Family
    • Nicholas from the Tsironis Family
    • John from the Larmer Family
    • Andrew from the Weston Family
    • Chase from the Christiansen Family
    • Skylar from the Minyon Family
    • Andra from the Jeans Family
  • Ainsley has the same brain mixed with two additional amok runners:
    • Alaia from the Wischmeyer Family
    • Orla from the Bates Family
  • Bryce has the same brain mixed with Brycie from the Bullard Family, additionally.