The Marxonica Family is a fanon season 2 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Jackson, Michigan, to meet the Marxonicas, a family having very violent girls under the age of 5 . Harold, age 50, and Cleo, age 42, have 2 girls, Ashley, age 3, and Inez, age 2. Both girls kick, scream, throw fits, throw toys at their parents, and do all other stuff. They also punch Cleo's womb including her upcoming baby boy whose name will be Stephen. This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Pit and the Stay in Bed techniques.


Naughty Pit


  • Ashley has the same brain mixed with 25 amok runners, but even worse:
    1. Ruth from the Seniors Family
    2. Erin from the Bates Family
    3. Madison from the Hancox-Smith Family
    4. Amelia from the Tomlin Family
    5. Andra from the Jeans Family
    6. Ashlyn and Alaia from the Wischmeyer Family
    7. Skylar from the Minyon Family
    8. Katelyn from the Schwartz Family
    9. Shelby from the Young Family (season 2 episode)
    10. Anna from the McAfee Family
    11. Gabrielle from the Cantoni Family
    12. Erin from the Dostal Family
    13. Lizzy from the Doyle Family
    14. Tori from the Winter Family
    15. Madison from the Davis Family
    16. Madeliene from the Mann Family
    17. Orla from the Birou Family
    18. Ainsley from the Mazar Family
    19. Tori from the Room Family
    20. Wendy from the Kempington Family
    21. Madeliene and Kadyn from the Irine Family
    22. Julia from the Bronson Family
    23. Anna from the Kirochu Family
  • Inez has the same brain mixed with 5 amok runners, but even worse:
    • Hannah from the Seniors Family
    • Tegan-Olivia from the Bradbury-Lambert Family
    • Jessica from the Larmer Family
    • Charlette from the Browning Family
    • Kaia from the Naskiewicz Family