The Lyrick Family is a Fanon season 28 episode of Supernanny. Annie travels to Honolulu, HI to meet the Lyricks. Kim, age 33, and Jeremy, age 36, have 3 sons: Thomas, age 10, Rowley, age 5, and Bubbles, age 3 1/2. Thomas is well-behaved, but his younger brothers aren't. Rowley refuses to stay in bed and hits his brothers. Bubbles is extremely violent and dominant and rules the roost by punching, throwing objects, and running amok in public. He also acts extremely violent and cruel to animals and even tries to kill them, attacks other people violently, sets things on fire with matches and cigarette lighters, says even the most profane words, trashes rooms, and does a countless number of other violent things. He has been expelled from at least 100 preschools and is WAY worse than Brahm and Treat Jennings ever were. Also, the family has moved to Hawaii from San Francisco, CA 6 months ago. Can Annie turn this family around once and for all or will she allow the young ones to get away with their misdeeds?

This episode also marks an issue of the Naughty Chair (for Rowley), Naughty Pit and Super Naughty Pit (for Bubbles), Thought Box (for Thomas), Roaming Technique, Stay in Bed, and Reward Chart (Pokemon for Thomas and Rowley and Sesame Street for Bubbles).