The Langbroek Family is an episode of the fanon Season 1 series. Jo meets the Langbroek Family in Columbia, South Carolina. Together, 49-year old Serghei and 41-year old Alicia have 10 children and 1 granddaughter: Kristin who is 20, Leanne who is 15, Helen who is 13, Haley who is 12, Bridie who is 10, Manu who is 7, Leighton who is 4, identical triplets Teddy, Bryce, and Sherman, who are all 3, and Kristin's daughter, Shelby, who is 1 1/2. The triplets make fun of their parents, their siblings, and their niece. They also act odder than anyone around the clock, and they work together as a team doing a lot of things that are not acceptable. In addition, they have been kicked out of 20 daycares. Jo features the Naughty Pit.

Naughty Pit


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