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Kristaponis Family is a Supermanny episode. James Penniston moves to Los Angeles, California to visit a family of Lithuanian descent. Frida (47) is a pharmacy manager while Juozapas "Juo" (48) is a vice principal at Los Angeles High. Their children consists of Ofelija "Lija" (22), Anicetas "Cetas" (19), Marija (17), Rože (15, diagnosed with cleidocranial dysplasia (CCD)), fraternal twins Inocentas "Ino" and Petratishkovna "Tish" (12), Audrius "Audri" (10), Fausta (7), Romas (5), Viktorija "Viki" (3), Kazimieras "Kazi" (1 ½) and Uršule (9 months). The Kristaponises used to live in Long Island, until they moved to L.A. 2 months after Uršule was born. Lija is now married to a Jewish man named Harel Krickstein (23) while Cetas is now in college. They are both well-behaved as well as Marija, and Rože. Ino argues with his parents, refuses to do his chores, prefers to stay up late and even assaults his well-behaved siblings, unlike Tish who is also well-behaved. Audri pulls pranks and scares off his younger siblings. Fausta is also well-behaved and has been into many pageants. Romas and Viki are very spoiled, throw tantrums, throw objects, jump on stairs in fits of rage, jump on furniture, and only eat junk food. Kazi and Uršule are also well-behaved as the former is having a birthday coming up. Ino has been expelled from 5 schools total. Can James stop this family before it's too late?

Discipline techniques: Reflection Room (for Ino and Audri) and Naughty Circle (for Romas and Viki)

Other techniques: Chore Buddy System, Stay in Bed, Baby Log, Anti-Pranking Technique, No Scaring Technique, You Get What You Get and You Don't Throw a Fit Technique and Snack Jar Technique

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