The Kempington Family is a fanon season 1 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Fort Wayne, IN to meet the Kempington Family. Charles, age 31, and Irene, age 29 have 5 kids: Lindsay, age 13, identical twins Dylan and Andy, age 6 Wendy, age 3, and Thomas, age 1. Charles is Lindsay's stepfather. The twins fight each other and back talk to their parents and relentlessly torture Thomas, while Wendy screams and climbs on furniture. This episode marks the 2nd issue of the Naughty Step.


Naughty Step


  • The twins have the same brain mixed with Andrew from the Weston Family.
  • Wendy has the same brain mixed with 2 amok runners:
    • Alaia from the Wischmeyer Family
    • John from the Larmer Family