This article is about the fanon season TWO episode. You may be looking for Juritin Family Revisited.

The Juritin Family is a fanon season 2 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Akron, Ohio, to meet the Juritins. Collin, age 60, and June, age 56, have 1 teen, 1 pre-teen, and 1 regular child. Joshua, age 13, Zelda, age 11, and Edward, age 9. Zelda and Edward are well-behaved but Joshua back-talks, swears, takes dares, and most notably, he insults people by calling them fruits. He also takes drugs and was ill the past 2 weeks. Jo makes fun of Joshua by calling him chubby mcchubby. Joshua would also pee anywhere but the toilet, and he laughs while doing it. Can Jo stop Joshua from growing up quickly? This episode also marks an issue of the Reflection Room.


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