Run Amok

Jones Family is a Fanon season five episode of Supernanny. Jo travels to Atlanta, Georgia, to meet a single widowed mom named Melinda Jones (26), who lost her husband Trey in an Aurora, Colorado shooting. Having moved from Colorado to Georgia, she is raising three wild, rambunctious, and crazy boys, plus a baby girl and working at a part-time job as a hotel clerk, and a full-time college student. She has 2-year-old Barnaby, 6-month-old Megan (adopted from Vietnam), 3-year-old Tobias, and 5-year-old Chuckie. These boys run amok in the streets, refuse to eat their meals, play with dangerous objects, throw darts in the house, scream, yell, kick, curse, call each other and their mother names, terrorize their baby sister, spit, pee on the furniture and carpet, run outside naked, destroy things, get on their mom's computer without asking, and show a complete lack of respect for authority, most notably Tobias. However, Chuckie is mostly well-behaved. This episode features an issue with the Baby Log, the Naughty Pit, and the Naughty Bed.