The Sung Family is an episode of Season 28, Annie travels to Chicago, Illinois to meet a family with 40 kids, Korean adopted parents, Hye-Su, age 35 (From South Korea), and Kwan (From North Korea), age 34 have vigintuplets adopted from both Koreas (North and South), they both consist of 10 boys and 10 girls and they are both 4-years old, and the girls from South Korea, and the boys from North Korea are well-behaved, the girls from North Korea and the boys from South Korea are the opposite, they hit, scream, fight over toys, swear (in Korean), and fight their siblings

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Names of ChildrenEdit

South Korean VigintupletsEdit

Ji-min: Well-behaved, and diagnosed with an incurable, fatal spina bifida that prevents her from going outside or school. She is also bullied by Mung-Hee. She has been in the hospital numerous times for treatments and surgeries.

Kwang-Sun: Behaves the worst. He swears and fights

Kim-Sang: Well-behaved

Dae-Jung: Fights and refuses to go bed

Bong-Cha: Well-behaved

Mung-Hee: Got kicked out of 12 schools for his behavior; he also bullies Ji-min for her condition

Ae-Cha: Well-behaved

Chung-Hee: Swears, and throws tantrums

Ae-Sook: Well-Behaved

Duck-Young: Screams and fights

Eun-Hee: Well-behaved

Chin-Ho: Fights and swears like a sailor

Hei-Ryung: Well-behaved

Hyun-Su: Screams like a banshee and throws fits

Hyun-Jae: Well-behaved

Kang-Dae: Fake-cries for attention and yells

Jin-Kyong: Well-behaved

Kwang-Ho: Throws fits and cries alot

Mi-Yung: Well-behaved

Chin-Hae: Swears and yells

North Korean VigintupletsEdit

Kyu-Bong: Well-Behaved

Mi-Hi: Behaves the worst, she is spoiled, dominant, swears, and fights with her sisters. Attacks other children in preschool. Begs Ji-min to play with her outside so she could purposely worsen her condition and kill her. Throws tantrums and Pees her pants when things don't go her way and refuses to learn her lesson. She tortures and attacks her mom when giving Ji-min therapy treatment and attention.

Nam-Kyu: Well-Behaved

Myung-Hee: Screams, and punches things with rage

Myung-Dae: Well-Behaved

Sang-Hee: Throws tantrums, diagnosed with Autism

Min-Ki: Well-Behaved

Min-Jee: Constantly screams for attention

Sang-Ki: Well-Behaved

Min-Jung: Dominant and Spoiled

Sang-Kyu: Well-Behaved

Min-Hee: Swears and is very whiny

Suk-Chul: Well-behaved

Sun-Jung: Thrashes Ji-min's bedroom and bullies Ji-min, beats her up

Yong-Sun: Well-behaved

Yun-Hee: Throws fits

Tae-Hun: Well-behaved

Sun-Hi: Throws fits

Yong-Sook: Well-behaved

Mi-Cha: Punches her sisters