The Irine Family is a fanon season 1 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Atlanta, Georgia to meet the Irines. David, age 52, and Gladys, age 29, have 10 kids. Alison who is 15, Haley who is 11, Josef who is 6, Makai who is 4, fraternal quadruplets Bryce, Sherman, Madeliene, and Kadyn who are all 3, Aiden who is 2 1/2, and Broden who is 11 months. The parents had two children from their previous marriages, they were both divorced. Together, they had the quadruplets and onward. The quadruplets, Aiden, Josef, Haley, and Makai have unacceptable behaviors. Alison decided to become a third parent. Can Jo Frost put the Irine Family back on track? Or will 8 amok runners be too much for her to handle? This episode marks the first issue of the Naughty Platform.


Naughty Platform


  • Haley has the same brain mixed with Hailey from the Moy Family.
  • Josef has the same brain mixed with Josef from the Webb Family.
  • Makai has the same brain mixed with Makai from the Young Family (reality season 7 episode).
  • The quadruplets have the same brains mixed with 8 amok runners: Brycie from the Bullard Family, Shermie from the Young Family (reality season 2 episode), Chase from the Christiansen Family, Teddy from the Tsironis Family, twins Ashlyn and Alaia from the Wischmeyer Family, Orla from the Bates Family, and Skylar from the Minyon Family.
  • Aiden has the same brain mixed with Tommy from the Winter Family.
  • This episode is the last fanon episode to air on 2011. The next episode is Bronson Family which aired on 2012.
  • This is also the last season 8 episode Plankton5165 made. The next episode he made is the Megnet Family, a season 9 episode.