Gloria revisits the Hattons Family to see how they are doing. Cassie's biological son Greg (2) is well-behaved, but 5 more adopted children his age are far from it. Mïka (aged 2 and from Belgium), Diego (aged 2 and from Argentina), Rolf (aged 2 and from Hungary), Lucy (aged 2 and from New Zealand), and Masud (aged 2 and from Egypt) are the amok runners this time. They are not sextuplets. They have the former amok runners' old behaviors. They also refuse to give up their diapers, pacifiers, and bottles. Also, Mïka, Diego, Rolf, and Masud do not understand English very well, which causes their frustration and anger as a result. Can Gloria sort these problems out before it's too late? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Pit, Super Naughty Pit, Learn English, Paci-Fairy technique, Bye Bye Bottle, and Diaper Disposal.