The Hatti Family is an episode of Season 28, Annie travels to New York City, to visit a family in crisis, Sami, age 30 and her biological sisters, twin sister Sheena, age 30, and twins Aggie and Cassie Wind, age 32 who are pop singers, and adoptive brother and sister, Yoshi and Satoko, age 26 from Japan are all concerned and well-mannered, unlike the abusive and violent Tom, age 46, they have 6 children in the family, Melissa, age 14, who is Sheena's daughter, Morgan, age 13 who is Cassie's daughter, Toshio, age 7 and is Satoko's son, Sami's children are John, age 5, Kobe, age 3, and Aini, age 2 (From Malaysia), Tom is the most abusive, violent, and selfish father Annie has ever encountered, his discipline methods are spankings, hot sauce. tape to wall, and cold shower, Melissa, Morgan, Toshio, and Aini are well-behaved, but Kobe and John swear, fight, torture Aini, and Tom thinks "TV IS FOR ADULTS! TOYS ARE FOR BABIES! GAMES ARE FOR 15 AND UP! BOOKS ARE FOR 15 AND UP!" (His words! Not mine!), John swears, fights, and got kicked out of 15 schools for his behavior, Kobe backtalks, Toshio, Satoko, and Yoshi do not speak english but can understand it, but doesn't do any other inappopriate things, Satoko lost her 5-month old son Satoshi to SBS because of Tom, and Toshio nearly died because of him, can Annie stop this father from doin more rotten deeds?

Discipline Techiques: Naughty Pit (For Kobe), and Naughty Platform (For John)

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