The Harris Family is the second season 35 episode of Supernanny. However, Annie visits a family. A previously-seen face is mother Botle Harris (20). However, a might-have-never-before-seen face is Gavin Harris (25). Botle's mother is Marci Cap (45) and her father is Matthew Cap (45). Botle and Gavin are expecting their first biological child, but they adopted 10 young children that misbehave, so they were not so lucky. They were expelled from 21 schools combined for their blatant behavior.

Adopted ChildrenEdit

Ese (age 3 and from Nigeria): she

Tanya (age 3 and from Barbados): she

Loon (age 4 and from Singapore): he

Rory (age 4 and from Northern Ireland, UK): he

Brianna (age 5 and from Solomon Islands): she

Biso (age 5 and from Zambia): he

Roger (age 3 and from Peru): he

Zola (age 3 and from Qatar): she

Elke (age 2 and from Belgium): she

Ajay (age 2 and from Fiji): he