The Hamilton Family is an episode of Season 28, Annie travels to Belfast, Northern Ireland and helps out the Hamilton Family. The parents Frank Hamilton is 48 years old and Agatha-Olivia Hamilton is 45 years old. There are 13 children. The daughter Jessie is 25 years old and is well-behaved, 22-year old Loreen, the daughter Grace is 19 years old and are both also well-behaved, Frank and Agatha-Olivia also have a daughter Christina who is 16, they even have Imogen who is 14, daughter Tabitha is 12, daughter Iris is 9, son Jacob is 8, daughter Jennifer is 5, daughter Kesha is also 5, and there's fraternal quadruplets Lewis, Leon, Lloyd, and Lawrence all 3. Jessie also has daughters Hailey who is 7 years old, Sierra is 5, Kerry is 4, and Breanna is 3. Loreen has Mike is 5 and Lucy is 3. Mike, Lucy, Lewis, Leon, Lloyd, Lawrence, Kesha, and Jacob are the most badly behaved children, Breanna is the worst behaved child anyone could ever have, Jacob, Kesha and Leon keep fighting most notably Leon who also acts up constantly during dinnertime, Lewis, Lloyd, and Lawrence also like to torture kids their age in the playground, Breanna will also ruin the holidays, Loreen and Jessie work as actresses, Breanna is expelled from an elapsed total of 25 schools. Will Supernanny help?

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Platform (For Kerry, Mike, Kesha, Jennifer, Hailey, and Sierra), Naughty Pit and Super Naughty Pit (For Lewis, Lloyd. Lawrence, Leon, Lucy, and Breanna)

Other Techniques: Thought Box (For Grace, Tabitha, Imogen, Iris, Jacob, Christina, Loreen, and Jessie), Mommy and MeReward Chart