Before the Revolving Line of Credit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Keisha: "GET BENT!"

Announcer: "Jo encounters triple trouble."

John: " "

Submission Reel

Jo: "Who do we have this time?"

John: "Hi, we're the Green Family! I'm John and I'm 21 years old and I'm a single dad from Washington DC. I have three kids, Keisha aged 5."

Keisha: "I DON'T WANT IT!"

John: "And 3-year-old twin boys Sam and Michael."

Michael: " "

John: "Keisha throws tantrums when , and she refuses to eat her polenta."

John: "Try a little bit."

Keisha: "NO, IT'S TERRIBLE!"

John: "And the twins are copying Keisha's behavior."

Observation Begins

Jo Arrives at the Green Doorstep

AM Morning

Observation Continues

Parent Meeting

House Rules

John: "Keisha, Sam, Michael! We need to tell you something important!"

[Keisha, Sam and Michael arrive in the living room]

John: "Okay, let's gather over here and listen to Jo-Jo."

Jo: "We are all here to talk about rules."

Sam: "Why?"

Jo: "Because this house needs to have rules."

Sam: "Why?"

Jo: "It doesn't have any rules."

Sam: "Why?"

John: "Sam, please listen to Jo-Jo."

Keisha vs. the Naughty Log

Jo: "Today I introduced the Naughty Log."


Jo: "It was then time for dinner, but twins were having none of it and started to copy Keisha's behavior and kick up such a fuss."

John: "Kids, Dinnertime! We got meatloaf!"

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