Gloria Robinson is a 23-year old nanny born in Manhattan, New York in February 22, 2009. She appears in every episode after the Sevick Family and Jo Frost's retirement. She will be a hostage in the Theory 6 in World 17, being kidnapped by the Calietta Family twins. She participated in the second season of So You Think You Are The Best Nanny and was runner-up. Sometimes, she teams up with fellow supernanny Kendra Lawson to help families. She has black hair and she wears a blue nanny outfit, she also wears casual clothes.

Robinson announced on Twitter that her episode will be the Jaya Family before she had a surgey a liittle break from nannying until the next season, being replaced by So You Think You Are The Best Nanny season three champion Ola Smith. She reappered again in the Love Family (Season 26).

In the Neeleman Family episode, Gloria Robinson and her husband adopted all 20 children. This is the last episode of season 26, but to make matters worse, Webeewize appears in the next episode, the Shefield Family. The grateful nanny sub for this season is So You Think You Are The Best Nanny season four champion Annie Blume.


She has ebony black hair, brown eyes and wears a sky blue nanny outfit.


She is a child care worker and nanny


  • (when she failed a family) "I am sorry. I tried my best I could...all my years as a child care worker has gone down the drain. Forgive me."


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