The Gaccre Family is a fanon season 3 episode of Supernanny. Hans, age 28, and Elisabetta, age 26, from Roswell, New Mexico have 60 children. One set of identical vigintuplets are all boys that are 7, another set of identical vigintuplets are all girls that are 4, and the final set of vigintuplets are fraternal vigintuplets that are all 3 years old. Along with the kids misbehaving, the parents were both born in a different country. Hans came home from Germany at 10 years, Elisabetta came home from Italy at 10 months. They were both married when Hans was 20, Elisabetta was 18. Can Jo help this family? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Pit and the Naughty Log. The 7-year olds bite, back-talk, hit, spit, play with dirty things, and wrestle their parents, like the 4-year olds. The 4-year olds also hit and spit, but they also hit rapidly and then kick. The 3-year olds also hit, spit, and bite. They also pee on furniture and run down the streets. All the sets of vigintuplets swear.

Names of childrenEdit

Age 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
7 Hunter Aiden Adrian Callum Hayden Graham Kennedy Oscar Reginald Torquil Brendan Cameron Frederick Hans Randolph Charles John River Ulick Craig
4 Brenda Cathleen Tegan Patricia Sheila Lexi Skylar Jeannie Muriel Dove Eve Elisabetta Madeleine Ashlyn Leighton Sylvia Elena Amanda Shelby Lydia
3 Orla Kayla Teddy Bryce Sherman Nicholas Grant Tristin Trent Christian Ian Anna Quinn Erin Phillip Blake Dirien Ember Charlette Jayden