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The Fox Family is an episode of Supernanny New Zealand, an Australian/New Zealand localization of Supernanny. Olivia visits Portland, Maine to visit Irwin (37) and Beverly (38) and their children: Norma (14), Emery (11), Susie (8), and Melvin (6). Norma always brings her phone to school, rather go on social media than do schoolwork and is always failing school. She is suspended back in the eighth grade for bringing her phone to school and calling her teacher a "cunt" (HER WORD, NOT MINE!). She calls female teachers "bimbos", "prostitutes" and "skanks" and calls male teachers "douches" and "douchebags" (HER WORDS, NOT MINE!). She enjoys calling out adults by insulting them and calling them mean names. Norma will cry and throw a tantrum everytime her phone gets taken away. Hell, she even refuses to do her homework! Can Olivia deal with this mean teen?

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Tent (for Norma)

Other Techniques: Homework Station (for Norma)