Previous is Fanon Season 17

Those in italic indicate a child who is a misbehaving amok runner.

This season takes place in 2027.

No. Episode Airdate Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Child(ren) Technique(s)
Cartman Family John (45), Jessica (42) Madelyn (13 1/2), Jacinta (8), Valea (6), Elyce (2) Calm Down Zone
Lose What You Like Chart
Naughty Platform
Naughty Pit
Family Time
Chore Buddy System
Green Smoothie
Good Eater
Thought Box
Reward Chart
Stotch Family Stephanie (29) Identical twins Paul and Raul (3) Naughty Pit
Mommy and Me
Reward Chart
Brother Box
Crier Family Cyndy (31) Roman (7), Stacey (3) Naughty Platform
Naughty Pit
Mommy & Me
Stay in Bed
Roaming Technique
Lohan Family Daphne (28) Identical twins Bill and Douglas (3) Naughty Pit
Jetsin Family James (40), Jamie (44) Alicia (17), Eva (16), Dominic (9), Oliver (8), Caila (6) Naughty Swivel
Capper Family Ian (34), Claire (32) Identical octuplets Katie, Natalie, Maria, Nicole, Leslie, Emma, Annie and Angela (4) Cool-Down Area
Toy Confiscation
Family Time
Shared Play
Mommy and Me
Reward Chart
Kipit Family Amelia (45) Kirsten (24), Bailey (23), Mi Yung (22), Ji Min (21), Rolf (20), Orla (19), Danyon (18), Damian (4) Naughty Chair
Reward Chart
Good Eater
Learn English
Mars Family Selena (), John () Jodie (5), identical twins Thomas and Cody (3) Naughty Toilet
Cavanaugh Family Johan (34) Simon (8 1/2), identical twins Abigail and Amelia (7), Kade (5), Aiden (4), Reggie-John (3) Naughty Tunnel
Kings Family Richard (50), Patricia (43) Isa (24), Katrina (22), Orla (20), Sun Wei (18), Matrina (11), Audrina (9), Conor (7), Maurice (2) Reflection Room
Naughty Pit
Lose What You Like Chart
Reward Chart
Learn English
Thought Box
Family Tree
Cummings Family Laine (36) Nikki (14), Kahlia (12), Claire (9) Calm Down Zone
Lose What You Like Chart
Get What You Hate Chart
Family Time
Sister Box
Trust technique
Svidersky Family
Kurato Family
Biggle Family Leica-Anne (42)
Valmer Family
Jordan Family
Green Family John (21) Keisha (5), identical twins Sam and Michael (3) Naughty Log
Supernanny Season 17 Special Update
Kiejliches Family Revisited Frank (), Susie ()
Line Family
Malfoy Family
Grimes Family
Anderson Family Revisited Glenn (), Cheryl () Dean (10)

Hagerman Family

Izquierdo Family
Runnion Family
Lavigne Family
Dawes Family
Kanka Family Artie (26) Fraternal twins Dawn and Darren (4 1/2)
McWaddiz Family
Mag-Zig-Leng-Jig-Fung Family
Calvo Family
Clark Family
Warner Family
Remano Family Revisited Hugo (45), Bruna (45)
Moran Family
Coleman Family
Donovan Family
Amolre Family
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