The Everitt family is a fanon Season 2 episode of supernanny. Jo visits another family in Cheyenne, Wyoming to meet the Everitt family, the largest family she has ever taught. Robert, age 55, and Claudette, age 46, have a whopping 23 kids: Rob who is 19, Catalina who is 18, Brett who is 14, identical quadruplets Adrian, Ashton, Callum, and Acker who are 6, fraternal quadruplets Hastings, Gerald, Florence, and Malford who are 5, fraternal quadruplets India, Ingress, Caden, and Clinton who are 4, identical quadruplets Justine, Edith, Naomi, and Martha who are 3, and fraternal quadruplets Billy, Elaine, Kathryn, and Millicent who are 2. Can Jo Frost put this family back on track or will things get even uglier? This episode's issued technique is the Naughty Log.


Naughty Log


  • Robert became the oldest man on the fanon Supernanny series.
  • The 6-year-old quadruplets have the same brain mixed with 6 amok runners:
    • Brycie from the Bullard Family
    • Josef from the Webb Family
    • Hunter from the McKeever Family
    • Seth and Aiden from the Truel Family
    • River from the McKeever Family
  • The 5-year-old quadruplets have the same brain mixed with 4 amok runners:
    • Jadyn from the Bailey Family
    • Joshua from the Collins Family
    • Kobe from the Newton Family
    • Zachary from the Dostal Family
  • The 4-year-old quadruplets have the same brain mixed with 9 amok runners:
    • Andra from the Jeans Family
    • Andrew from the Weston Family
    • John from the Larmer Family
    • Joseph from the Collins Family
    • Teddy from the Tsironis Family
    • Matthew from the Moy Family
    • Trevor, Myca, and Ari from the Truel Family
  • The 3-year-old quadruplets have the same brain mixed with 6 amok runners:
    • Ashlyn and Alaia from the Wischmeyer Family
    • Skylar from the Minyon Family
    • Orla from the Bates Family
    • Tori from the Winter Family
    • Orla from the Birou Family
    • Samantha from the Truel Family
  • The 2-year-old quadruplets have the same brain mixed with 3 amok runners:
    • Adam from the Gorbea Family
    • Tommy from the Winter Family
    • Trey from the Peterfreund Family