Jo Frost-11-25-11
The Colliant Family is a season 2 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Charleston, North Carolina to meet the Colliants. John, age 44, and Lisa, age 37, have 12 children. Kristin who is 15, fraternal quintuplets Aiden, Sean, John, Wendy, and Kayla who are 6, and fraternal sextuplets Orla, Teddy, Bryce, Nicholas, Derek, and Ashley who are all 3. The quintuplets and sextuplets tend to hit, kick, bite, climb on furniture, pee on furniture, knock things over, and when Kristin plays the Wii, the quintuplets and sextuplets throw things at her. Anytime, they act odd around the clock. Discipline techniques used: Naughty Triangle (for Aiden, Sean, John, Wendy and Kayla) and Naughty Square (for Orla, Teddy, Bryce, Nicholas, Derek and Ashley)