• ASkidda92

    We got more stuff to react to! This time, it's Orla Birou. Let's go!

    >Orla Birou (born on November 9, 2008) is the twin sister of Kayla Birou, who appeared in the Birou Family and later in Birou Family Revisited and is one of the youngest daughters of Nicole Birou-Jennings.

    She's a 2008 kid, but she can't even name one good moment there.

    >She and Kayla were both born in Orlando, Florida.

    Insert "born in Disney World" joke here.

    >She ran amok and had the same brain mixed with all amok runners from the Supernanny series from seasons 1-7.

    She literally mixed her brain with others? No wonder she's a dumbass.

    >She was a sloppy writer, refused to eat her veggies, and did other things like ruining the holidays or special occasions.

    I would love to make m…

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  • AndreKempington33


    April 28, 2020 by AndreKempington33

    Hello, I am AndreKempington33 and I joined on Sep 28, 2019. I have been here for 9 months! I make so many episodes on Season 26! I hope you enjoy it! :)

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  • Japanlover86

    I would like to remind everyone on this wiki that just because we have a series where we make fun of dumb edits does not mean you can vandalise the wiki for the sake of adding more to the series.

    Any continued abuse of the WTFSNFW? pages, we will only allow admins to edit them.

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  • ASkidda92

    Hello everyone! Today I will do a reaction on Fliany Family 2023 Christmas. Let's get started!

    >Martin: (calling from downstairs) "Boys! It's time to go and see your sisters dance!"

    >Tyson: "Oh, those girls are in for a big surprise!"

    >Blake: "When they go on stage!"

    What will you do to them? Show them 1 Boy 2 Kittens?

    >[Tyson is seen wearing a black leather jacket and green pants]

    >[Blake is seen wearing a brown leather jacket blue pants]

    >Martin: "Blake, you look handsome tonight. And Tyson, you look dashing."

    More realistically, Blake and Tyson would be dressing like they're going to a Slayer concert.

    >Rita: "My lucky ballet slippers! They're gone!"

    >Lianne: "Mine, too!"

    Today on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Rita and Lianne have lost their luck…

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  • Plankton5165

    This is a detail about one of the upcoming Theory games, and it's unbelievable.

    Are you ready?

    In the final world, the Terrific 10 will take on my family members in the final boss battle, and that includes my father and Angelica.

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  • Plankton5165

    Due to enough bad things that have occurred to me at high enough a level, I've decided that my family is never getting my trust back or my faith back regardless of anything that happens in the future.

    SN Fanon Wikians, this makes me even wonder if you have any family members that you trust or have faith in.

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    How the fuck is it going, my name's Ian, today we're doing another BFAF, aka the series that gives me an excuse to cyberbully everybody. This episode's on the Blackberry Family, an episode made by TheConeZone. You know the formula, let's dig in!

    The Blackberry Family is the first episode and the series premiere of Double Nannies. <

    Great, this already sounds terrible.

    > Jo Frost meets the new series and has her new friend, Audrey Jennette. <

    RIP Audrey with the two first names.

    > They enter and visit the Blackberry Family. They face a painful secret amongst the children and realize the Blackberries are in big trouble with the neighbors. <

    Are the parents abusive or something?

    > A room is shown with sounds of the door banging from the inside <


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  • KamafaDelgato021469

    I am NOT a pedo!

    November 18, 2019 by KamafaDelgato021469

    I am NOT a pedo! I was just googling articles about that stuff, not pictures or videos! I'm just misunderstood! I did nothing wrong! I just wanted help getting rid of my fetishes! So, FAK U MOON SNAIL for banning me! And FAK U JENNIFER for removing all my stuff from the collabs!

    tl;dr: FAK U RNW

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  • Dynasti L. Noble

    I promise

    November 14, 2019 by Dynasti L. Noble

    Well, I know I was doing cringy stuff in the past (e.g. flip flopping opinions, asking people for requests (seeing how it's a nice thing, I guess), using death threats on a user for hating on The Fault in Our Stars and The Don't Judge Me Challenge, disrespecting those of disabilities/races/sexualities, off-site drama, disrespecting dead people), but I need to move on and live a happy life. I am so sorry. Seeing how I am a good user here, I won't be allowed to go to the Creation Wiki NOR the Random-ness Wiki. And for now on, I will make BETTER redeemable edits.

    Love, Dynasti

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  • Japanlover86

    Should we block Dynasti Noble from the SNFW Wiki?

    Dynasti, You are not allowed to vote in this poll

    The deadline will be Friday November 15th.

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  • RubbadubbersFTW DoraFTL

    You may remember the fake Supernanny episodes from this category, right? Well now there's a whole wiki dedicated to them! What are you waiting for? Go ahead, make a new episode!

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    right you lot

    October 10, 2019 by KidOfTheBlackHole

    i'm not going to edit for the entire day of 10 October and not until roughly 19:00 on 11 October, am going on a trip

    behave and make sure to ask another admin if you want something

    - ian

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  • Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl



    Damn, the 2001 gang went too far on my Wife Swap Fanon wiki... 🙄

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  • Plankton5165

    Poll day 2019

    October 1, 2019 by Plankton5165

    OK. I was just fed up with what I was hearing from the family. I decided to make this poll day material. Angelica is saying that I'm selfish, and tells me to look up "selfish"? Just because there is no one who is close that deserves an act of kindness from me? (which looked like kidneys, remember Ace of Kidneys from Wheel of Fortune? But anyway...)

    People who Angelica must have been saying were "close to me" have physically assaulted the hell out of me, threatened to make me no food, threatened to hide the food, irritating me big time, inconsiderately setting up and/or saluting on an environment that disgusts and infuriates me extremely uncontrollably, disrespecting opinions, and I could absolutely easily go on and on.

    They were threatening …

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    This was originally going to be a BFAF just about Kimmings-Tachimi Misconceptions, but doing just that would leave this page rather content-an(a)emic, so I'll do a few other pages with it (will add them later on). You know the BFAF format already, let's get right into the news.

    > Why do you guys used tarot cards?, They have been denounced as anti-Christian and Satanic <

    And also as a waste of fucking time.

    > The tarot motif in our family is mostly symbolism, The World is basically Maria’s title aswell as us getting called Judgement and High Priestess. <

    Does Maria being The World symbolize how the world will die violently?

    > Q: Your parenting is unorthodox.

    A: So is forcing Christanity down people’s throats, I am a Shinto, so piss off. <

    Saying s…

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  • Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl

    I wonder if Supernanny: The Theory Animated had titles for decade AU episodes since we already had The Nuclear Age (since this takes place in 1957).

    • 1933 AU Episode Title: The Post-World War I Age (or also known as The Great Depression)
    • 1941 AU Episode Title: The World War II Age (either The Flying Forties or The Fightin' Forties)
    • 1968 AU Episode Title: The Swingin' Sixties
    • 1976 AU Episode Title: The Saucy Seventies
    • 1985 AU Episode Title: The Elegent Eighties
    • 1994 AU Episode Title: The End of the 20th Century Age (or The Nihilistic Nineties)
    • 2002 AU Episode Title: The Turn of the Millennium
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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    Reicheru is going to hate me for this, but she already hated me anyway, so w/e

    Welcome to BFAF, where I make fun of things as a substitute for getting a life. Today, we're making fun of Reicheru's user page. I mean, mine's also cringy (just my favorite music and a Memeulous reference) but that's not what we're here to discuss.

    Text I bash is in > these arrows  I joined 31st December 2012, <

    Why doesn't it surprise me to know you joined when you were 13?

    > I like this wikia because I check it daily to see today's edits!, <

    Incidentally also the reason boomers like newspapers.

    > I have been editing this wiki as a contribitor, My main languages are Irish, even though I can't speak it that well, only needing a translator, <

    So it's not your main lang…

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    I was wondering if anyone else was the target of a borderline harassment campaign like I am over on the OSFirstTimer wiki

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  • NaturalFreshOtter00
    • Sophie, Marilou, Samuel, and CJ: Chihuahua
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  • Japanlover86

    Cuong and Samuel starts the party, Patrick McCormick gets the alcohol and booze, Satsuki brings food and everyone’s having a good time.

    The adults are dancing on the dance floor.

    Samuel and Dennis play raunchy music until they’re told to play 80’s music.

    Ailin does a striptease on the dance floor.


    Everyone drinks like it’s the end of the world.

    Cards Against Humanity will be played as well as poker as offered by Satoko Samo.

    Reicheru and Sophie supervise everyone.

    Jane and Cuong will dance on the dance floor with the song “Bad Medicine” by Bon Jovi playing, Martin and Satsuki will dance too.


    Who knew a young couple from the 1980’s would be insane partiers?

    Reicheru starts to dance to the b…

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  • Japanlover86

    There’s a fanfic series, but, How would any TT10 member or ally play Cards Against Humanity?

    Joseph McNamara: Don’t take this timid yet sweet Irish crybaby as someone who gets upset over this, the more brutal the combos, the better, He’s as bad as his own sister and father playing this.

    Wei Zhenghan: He’s gonna pull the Auschwitz card, This punk’s gonna make you read out the worst.

    Satsuki Tachimi: She’s gonna love this game, She doesn’t give a fuck.

    Michael McNamara: Is a complete savage, Is impressed at Joseph, usually a timid crybaby because of his combos, which can range from abortions to shootings, He thinks he’s got it from him.

    Jane O’Connel: She usually plays it with fellow Cap Ancestors.

    Ri Dae-Jung: Throws all morality out of the windo…

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    i figured i'd make this cuz i'm weird. let me know if I missed your birthday.

    • NaturalFreshOtter00 (January 27)

    • Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl (February 3)

    • Alvinluvr30 (May 6)

    • Plankton5165 (June 17)

    • Andrewteel213 (August 12)

    • Uncle Klunk (October 5)

    • Japanlover86 (November 15)

    • kidoftheblackhole (December 22)
    • Xfactor1234 (December 30)
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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    Welcome back to BFAF, the show where Ian makes fun of things because he has no life. you can tell what page we're bashing (specially formatted so as not to fuck up the blog page listing). let's do this then.

    The text we're bashing is in > these arrows  Huizong in general is absolutely hilarious <

    Is he, though?

    > Huizong: "" (Translation: Alright you f***ing d***)

    Huizong: "" (Translatio: GO TO SLEEP SAMUEL!) <

    Ah yes, the two staples of humor: Profanity, and telling someone to go to sleep.

    > Cuong walking into a Vietnamese bar without a shirt on, with hilarious results, female patrons look duly impressed, apparently, Cuong is slender-muscular <

    I feel like the word "slender" isn't needed here.

    > The entire bar scene is hilarious, were he beats up…

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    I was looking back at my 2016-17 contribs here and goddamn I hate them all.

    first off, I used Kurt (my OC) as a mouthpiece for my own personal opinions way too much. of course, now I don't use him anymore, I got bored with it at some point. also, I tended to read two lines and base what I would say off that. what am I, an edgy Tumblr user trying to find a mental disorder that explains their behavior?

    second off, regarding what I said about being gay/a furry: that is 75% false (i am questioning my sexuality but idk what I am). I mainly said those things cuz I had/have a problem with impulsive decision-making when I really should've stepped back and thought about what I was saying before I said it. As you may see on "Asking Pokemon AU characte…

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  • Japanlover86

    STOP adding unrelated families to transcripts, These families are not related, barely know eachother and are sometimes OOC, especially if their kids are well-behaved after Supernanny’s visit.

    Offenders will be blocked for one week from this day forward if they do it again, a month if done again.

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    since there's a lot of shit in the deleted pages on the wiki, i'm going to start posting the weirder ones on my blog as a series. i'll call the series "hall of infamy".

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  • Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl

    How can I make an episode about grandchildren calling Supernanny?

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  • Plankton5165

    Hello, of the 800+ Pokemon out there, the question is, which 10 Pokémon are bad? Let’s go...

    • 10 - Armaldo - It’s useless and takes a fucking eternity to evolve.
    • 9 - Charizard - It will set shit on fire. Watch out!!!
    • 8 - Feraligatr - I do not suck at spelling, ok? I won three spelling bees and should’ve won even more but they refused to hold it because I was such a good speller.
    • 7 - Ferrothorn - Too many spikes. Exceedingly dangerous!
    • 6 - Jumpluff - It cannot Use Fly. What the serious fuck?! And it’s useless, useless, useless!
    • 5 - Ribombee - Ahh!!!! A bee!!!!! And it’s too small and light a Pokémon. It must be fucking useless.
    • 4 - Floette - 100% female. Are you kidding me? Since when did I say I was a fan of 100% female?
    • 3 - Pikachu - WHY DOES THIS…
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  • NaturalFreshOtter00

    Self-explanatory. This is a WIP.

    • Josie Sanderman
    • Emmett Sanderman
    • Jasmin Sanderman
    • Robert Sanderman
    • Toni Sanderman
    • Orlando Sanderman
    • Carl Sanderman
    • Sean Sanderman
    • Reginald Sanderman

    • Mika Eriksonner
    • Sawyer Eriksonner
    • Frederica Eriksonner
    • Barbara Eriksonner
    • Derian Eriksonner
    • Petal Eriksonner

    • Hope Tiniathan
    • Shaun Tiniathan
    • Lawrence Tiniathan
    • Adrianna Tiniathan
    • Hanna Tiniathan
    • Olivia Spoons
    • Nella Spoons
    • Nathaniel Spoons

    • Charlene Kempington
    • Irving Kempington
    • Lyndon Kempington
    • Dylana Kempington
    • Andi Kempington
    • Wendell Kempington
    • Tamara Kempington

    • Gosalyn Bronson
    • Harold Bronson
    • Julian Bronson
    • Jordan Bronson (name's the same, LOL.)
    • Simon Bronson

    • Georgette Wailems
    • Santiago Wailems
    • Alana Calment
    • Kylie Wailems
    • Logan Wailems
    • Fernando Wailems
    • Marcus-Louis Bruening
    • Chandler Wailems (name's the s…

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    so this is a list of songs that remind me of the goings-on of this wiki

    • Ministry - So What
    • Hüsker Dü - You're A Soldier
    • Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device (really the entire Inflammable Material album reminds me of them)
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  • NannyFan92

    Hey guys. I just wanted to ask a rather important question. Should Supernanny make a return to our TV screens?

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  • NaturalFreshOtter00

    Since my friend Japanlover did something similar on the Pokemon tribute blog, I thought I'd let you guys do this.

    Copy and paste this in your comment:

    • Favorite Character(s):
    • Despised Character(s):
    • Favorite Episode(s):
    • Despised Episode(s):
    • Most Overrated Character(s):
    • Most Underrated Character(s)
    • Favorite Moment(s):
    • Despised Moment(s):
    • Favorite Song(s):
    • Despised Song(s):

    Then, fill in each space by answering the criteria listed. Have fun!

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  • NaturalFreshOtter00

    It's been almost a month since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out. So, I thought of asking you this question. If the TT10 played that game, who would each member main? Also, a member can have more than one main.

    Sophie: Kirby, Jigglypuff, and Duck Hunt.

    Reicheru: Pikachu

    Ri Dae-Jung: Doesn’t usually play Super Smash Bros., He’s more of an Rockstar Games kind of boy, But he would go as Solid Snake

    Maria Tachimi: She loves Samus

    Michael McNamara: Can’t see shit, He doesn’t really play it, “I’ve held game controllers before, doesn’t exactly “do it” for me.”

    Marie Lara-Rutter: Kirby

    Samuel the Otter: Ness

    CJ the Otter: Pac-Man and Mr. Game & Watch

    Marilou the Otter: Peach

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  • NaturalFreshOtter00

    The Dream Casts thread from the Behind the Voice Actors forum inspired me to do this blog. Suppose if Supernanny: The Theory Animated utilized a Los Angeles-based voice cast (with voice actors and actresses like Eric Bauza or Grey DeLisle-Griffin). Which LA voice actors/actresses could voice each character? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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  • Plankton5165

    Here is the intro of this upcoming game:

    John: "Hello?"

    Jerrod: "Dick is going send you two pictures of Nicole being crushed to death by a steamroller and a switch respectively, and you'll be teleported to Toshio's house so you can put him in a magically appearing cage."

    John: "Sounds good."


    (Two pictures are being sent to John's phone.)

    (John is teleported to Toshio's house. Toshio is reading some magna in his bedroom. John is teleported under Toshio's bed.)

    (John goes into his text messages from Dick on his phone, consisting of a picture draw…

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  • NaturalFreshOtter00

    Hello, people. NaturalFreshOtter00 here with an important announcement. Coming soon, the Theory series will gain several new decade AUs! Introducing...

    • The 2002 AU
    • The 1994 AU
    • The 1976 AU
    • The 1968 AU
    • The 1941 AU


    • The 1933 AU

    Join the TT10 in their adventures spanning the 20th and very early 21st centuries! From the Great Depression era to the turn of the millennium, you'll find action, drama, conflict, and heartwarming moments in this series of AUs!

    Stay tuned for more information!

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    so a lot of pervs want catgirls to be engineered for purposes most likely very questionable. this is a list of drawbacks for catgirls being engineered.

    • a catgirl's skull would most likely be very misshapen or deformed, the reason being that there would have to be a different way to route the ear canals, which in turn is because the human ear conveniently is placed somewhere where the ear canals can go under the brain.
    • a catgirl would likely be mentally retarded due to small brain size.
    • you couldn't make out with a catgirl, since the tongues of cats have the texture of sandpaper.
    • "owning" a catperson in the way people who like catgirls describe them as would technically be slavery.
    • they would likely be treated with almost-racist disdain.
    • catgirls…

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    In addition to the regular cast of Kyle and Richard, my other friend Milo is in here too. (also don't take the Mexican jokes seriously. as I said before, Kyle, Richard, and I are very sarcastic)

    (8:54 AM) Milo: alright
    (8:55 AM) Ian: so how are you all doing
    (8:55 AM) Milo: fair
    (8:55 AM) Kyle: good
    (8:56 AM) Richard: also good
    (8:56 AM) Ian: that's nice
    (8:56 AM) Kyle: yes
    (8:56 AM) Ian: so i put up our last MSN convo on the SNFW
    (8:56 AM) Kyle: that one wiki you were prattling on about?
    (8:56 AM) Ian: yeah
    (8:56 AM) Richard: what did they think?
    (8:56 AM) Ian: they thought it was cool
    (8:56 AM) Milo: ?
    (8:57 AM) Ian: oh shit yeah milo you weren't in the last convo
    (8:57 AM) Milo: lol no
    (8:57 AM) Kyle: basically Ian alerted us to a community that was su…

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  • Plankton5165

    Here's what's gonna happen: you are gonna comment something and see if the other users are gonna feel old.

    You might wanna go to the "Adults React To Try Not To Feel Old Challenge" videos to get some ideas.

    You can comment as many things as you like, at any time.

    What is the reactions of the other users?

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    Don't take what Kyle and Richard say about the wiki literally, they like to joke around.

    (9:52 PM) Kyle: hey
    (9:53 PM) Richard has been added to the conversation.
    (9:53 PM) Kyle: ayy we got richard in here
    (9:53 PM) Richard: hey
    (9:53 PM) Ian: so there's a fanfic community i edit on
    (9:53 PM) Kyle: and
    (9:53 PM) Ian: and it's bad
    (9:54 PM) Ian: well not bad just unique
    (9:54 PM) Richard: what's it got
    (9:54 PM) Ian: let me get a url
    (9:55 PM) Ian:
    (9:55 PM) Kyle: what the fuck is a swarming special
    (9:55 PM) Richard: where a bunch of bees visits a mean family
    (9:55 PM) Ian: hahaha
    (9:56 PM) Ian: no it's where stubborn people go check a bad family …

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    see title. if you do, specify what color you want.

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    I☔️ don't ever💁🏽👜 want⚽️ to see🔹👌🏿👟 you⚾️ on🕧 SNFW🌾 ever again!🕝 The next🔑 time🔲 you make👸🏿 a sock puppet,👎🏽 we➕ might®👨📋 block that🍭 one as📘 well.🔣 As you might or🍢 not know,👊🏿 we can and⤴️ we will monitor this wiki📀😱🍆👆🏾 to check if🐝🎋💆🏻 there are any🐑 pages🚱 similar🚴🏽 to🌞 Said♿️👒🕧⛵️ “Shit”.,🍯 we😶 may😇 instantly👃🏽 block this✌🏿🕙 account unless it is⬇️👊🔤🍧 a🙍🏽 contributor🍥 that started.🚅🎰👫💅🏾 You are👍🏻 BANNED🎅🏿 FOR🍺 LIFE👞 and NEVER🌊 AGAIN👶🏽 will we allow you🌹📨👼🏼 to🔑 edit this📓🕤🕠♌️ site👧🏽 EVER🙏🏼💦✨👸🏾 and NEVER AGAIN will😺😹😲 we👷🏻🚏⌛️ want to😻 so👮🏿👦🏻🚢👦 goodbye!

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  • NaturalFreshOtter00

    Okay, you've seen the Theory cast in the Pokemon world, the cast in an era-swapped world, and the cast in a 1950s world. Now, get ready as we unveil the newest AU to the Theory franchise.

    Enter the 1980s AU!

    Yep, I couldn't resist. The '50s AU isn't the only time period around. Our latest AU is set in 1985. Reagan was America's president, Nintendo just saved the gaming industry, The Breakfast Club and Back to the Future made their way to theaters, MTV lived to its name, and...moving on! The AU will feature team members sporting leather, the child members on a Goonies-esque adventure, and neon lights.

    The Theory 1985 AU, coming soon!

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    This BFAF is all about miscellaneous cringy TT10 stuff. Enjoy!

    > It was the toys that poisoned them

    > The toys that poisoned them (x2)

    > It was the toys that poisoned them

    Probably not because I don't think an army of 12-year-olds can gain access to DNA contact diseases.

    > Who's that dying on the battlefield?

    > Who's lying on the wet ground?

    Probably people whom like wet grass.

    > It's Gadadhara and his boys making all the f***ing noise

    > 'Cause they can't beat us!

    In the long run, I'd rather a noise band than a neat band.

    > Always look for our officers

    > Singin' a G and a B and an S and D and I and a E

    GBS is the best board on Something Awful.

    > There was a war between North and South Supernannya

    > They tried invading the North

    > And f***ing failed misera…

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." - Murphy's law.

    Welcome to this blog post. In this, we'll be examining situations from Supernanny: The Theory Animated with Murphy's law in effect.

    In Attacking Gadadhara, Gadadhara Bobbalu manages to get into the TT10 base.

    Regular case: He is shooed out.

    With Murphy's law: The team can't get him to leave.

    In Asthma Trouble, Toshio Samo nearly dies from an asthma attack because someone smoked near him.

    Regular case: Satoko finds an inhaler.

    With Murphy's law: She can't find an inhaler and Toshio passes.

    In Monika II and Samuel, Josef is trying to force responsibility of taking Monika II trick-or-treating onto Samuel the Otter.

    Regular case: Samuel points out that it's Josef's responsibility.

    With Murphy's …

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  • Japanlover86

    The spam filter has blocked the Jun Tadachi page and will not let me add the fact Ryu had almost died from a peanut allergy, the reason is "Social Justice Warrior".

    They now think the term Social Justice Warrior is offensive as well as mentioning a peanut allergy.

    We have the right to freedom of speech!

    We have the right to use the term!

    Reform the spam filter! Give us the page back!

    Unban the term!

    We want our freedom!

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    So this is where I point out logic bombs relating to Samuel as a sendoff for everything I've done relating to him.

    > Dmitry: "" (Translation: "You have to bring us an Avengers: Age of Ultron DVD, Anna said I need to watch it.")

    Why does it have to be him? Why can't Mark or Dmitry do it?

    > Samuel: "Too bad! Like it or lump it, b****!"

    That one's entirely on Antonino. How did he get overpowered by a fucking fourteen-year-old?

    > Toshio: "" (Translation: Give it back!)


    > Toshio: "" (Translation: You offended! THE SHAKO FAMILY LINE! HOW DISHONOURABLE!)

    So when Samuel throws a tantrum he's told to grow up but when Toshio throws a tantrum he gets reassurement?

    > Toshio: "" (Translation: I will kill you, do you hear me? I will tear your testicles o…

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    This is just a dump of me reacting to pages on this site. As with Bashed From All Fronts, text from the articles will have an > in front.

    > Announcer: "This week on Supernanny, Jo helps out a British mother and father who has a child named after a Harry Potter family and a 12-year-old preteen girl who are misbehaving."

    Why the fuck have you named your kids after Harry Potter characters? Harry Potter's not that good.

    > [Queenie spits on Lucius] Queenie: "I HATE YOU!"

    How dare you be a parent!

    > [Draco pinches Lucius]

    HA HA HA! Do you really expect pinching to work?

    > [Queenie stabs Draco]

    RIP Draco Malfoy: June 5, 1980 - July 24, 2027

    > Announcer: "Draco uses bad language and refuses to go to school."

    Who gives a shit that he uses bad language? He's …

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    This isn't about bashing Samuel (sorry literally everyone except me) but it's about making fun of people criticizing him, because most of the criticism hurts to read. Enjoy!

    > Sophie the Otter ~ You may be one of the heroes and have shown your good side most of the time in 4 Otters vs. Evil Bobbalu Men, my genderbent version, but you still behave unacceptably!

    How dare you not always be heroic!

    > Antonino Rossi ~ (Translation: You managed to annoy everyone, you annoying little fuck)

    Look who's talking.

    > Dietrich Fech ~ (Translation: You are a dumb prick!)

    I know you are, but what am I?

    > Tokiko Shako ~ (Translation: Meanie Head!)

    Absolutely fucking destroyed him, Tokiko. I don't think he's ever gonna recover from that one.

    > Sakura Shako ~ (Transl…

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  • KidOfTheBlackHole

    I did this because I was thinking "What's the most offensive parody of a song I can create about Supernannya?" And here's the result. It's called "I Shot Patrick". and it's a parody of "I Shot Reagan" by Suicidal Tendencies.

    (cue people getting pissed off; I don't blame them)

    I shot Patrick! I shot Pakton!
    I'm gonna shoot you dead, you'll start cracking!
    You're gonna rot in heaven, hear an Angels voice
    You're too bad for hell although it's your first choice

    Rot in heaven, you're too bad for hell
    Rot in heaven, cause you're forgiven in hell

    I shot Woods! I shot Shako!
    I shot Tadachi now I went wacko!
    You're gonna rot in heaven, hear an Angels voice
    You're too bad for hell although it's your first choice

    Rot in heaven, you're too bad for hell
    Rot in heav…

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