This episode is the first episode of the Supernanny fanon series. Jo visits Orlando, Florida, to help a grieving family who lost their grandfather, Ernest to prostate cancer the last year. A 20-year-old single mother, Nicole, has 4 daughters: Haidyn aged 6, Skyla aged 4 ½, and twins Kayla and Orla aged 3 ½. Haidyn, Skyla, and Kayla are well behaved, but who is the straw that broke the camel's back? It's Orla, as she is a sloppy writer and she only writes bad words on the walls, ruins the holidays and special occasions, and does all other stuff. In addition, she was expelled from over 20 preschools due to her blatant, unacceptable behavior, and she also refuses to eat her vegetables. Nicole is an expert gamer and she also owns a very own Nintendo WFC Company, available while the kids are at school. She also owns modern video game consoles and she is also a very popular YouTuber. Can Jo Frost put this family back on track or will Orla continue to be disrespectful and tear this family apart?


Naughty Pit


  • The Birou Family returned for part 1 of the Supernanny Season 1 Special Update, along with Sanderman Family.
  • There was a badge called "Birou Family's Sculptures" which can be achieved by adding pictures to pages 250 times.
  • The household holds a "Nintendo" sign.
  • The household has Nintendo-inspired statues, which they make a second appearance in Supernanny Monopoly: Electronic Banking.
  • Nicole bought video game consoles for her, one month after stopping from sexual activity, and two months before owning the Nintendo WFC Company which she owns for 2 years now.
  • The Nintendo WFC Company's Business Hours are:
    • 10:00 ~ 1:30 Monday-Thursday
    • 10:00 ~ 2:00 Friday
    • 10:00 ~ 1:00 Saturday-Sunday
  • Nicole marks various appearances in episodes, she appeared again in Sanderman Family.
  • Orla has the same brain mixed with all amok runners from the real Supernanny series.
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