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Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny, Jo visits Arizona to meet the Belushis."

Submission ReelsEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look at who we've got this week."

???: "Hi! We're the Belushi Family. I'm Katie-Charvet, and I'm a single divorced mom."

Observation BeginsEdit

Jo: "Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Jo."

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

Naughty Log techniqueEdit

Jo: "Katie-Charvet never disciplines her triplets, so today, I gave her the Naughty Log."

Jo: "This is called the Naughty Log."

Jo: "And in that log, where the log is, the child has to sit on and take the consequence."

Jo: "This Naughty log is 9 feet long. His age for Nicholas, his age for Bryce, and his age for Teddy. And that means you place the log here, or around the corner, you put it on the ground, and they have to sit on the Naughty Log."

Jo: "It was no surprise to see Teddy breaking the Naughty Log all too soon."

[Teddy scratches Kadee]

[Kadee screams]

Katie-Charvet: "What's the matter, sweetie?"

Kadee: "Teddy scratched me!"

Katie-Charvet: "Teddy, that's your warning. If you continue to scratch Kadee, you're going on the Naughty Log. Do you understand me? Plus, apologize to Kadee, please."

Teddy: "No."

Jo: "Teddy, apologize to Kadee or you will be going to the Naughty Log."

Teddy: "(bleep) no."

Katie-Charvet: "Alright, Teddy. It's time for you to go to the Naughty Log because you said a bad word."

[Katie-Charvet places Teddy on the Naughty Log]

Jo: "Teddy, your mommy placed you on the Naughty Log because you swore and scratched your sister. You have to stay on this log for 3 minutes. Also, your Bugs Bunny will be in toy jail for the rest of the day."

[Teddy laughs it off]

Jo: "No, it's not funny at all."

[Katie-Charvet walks away and confiscates his Bugs Bunny doll]

[Teddy crawls to the living room door (2 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Come back here, now."

[Katie-Charvet places Teddy back on the Naughty Log and walks away without saying a word.]

[Teddy leaves the Naughty Log and crawls to the laundry room (2 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Sit back down on the Naughty Log."

[Katie-Charvet returns Teddy to the Naughty Log and walks away with no communication]

[Teddy gets up and goes near Kadee (8 minutes later)]

Teddy: "(bleep)."

[Katie-Charvet walks Teddy straight back to the Naughty Log]

[Teddy gets up from the Naughty Log and pushes Carly (10 minutes later)]

[Katie-Charvet carries Teddy straight back to the Naughty Log now]

[Teddy darts off the Naughty Log and runs into the bathroom]

Katie-Charvet: "Where'd Teddy go?"

Lotte: "He's in the shower!"

[Teddy pees in the shower naked (13 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Gross! We don't pee on stuff."

Teddy: "I hate you and I wish you were dead!"

Katie-Charvet: "I am not hearing these words coming out of your mouth. Put your clothes back on and come back to the Naughty Log."

[Teddy runs away and touches the computer monitor (16 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "No touching the computer monitor!"

[Teddy runs off and goes under a table (18 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Get out from under the table!"

[Teddy bites Lotte (20 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Teddy, don't bite Lotte! Just go back to the Naughty Log, mister!"

[Katie-Charvet carries Teddy to the Naughty Log now]

[Teddy escapes from the Naughty Log and grabs Kadee's face (22 minutes later)]

Kadee: "Ow! Teddy, let go!"

Katie-Charvet: "Let go of Kadee's face! She told you not to grab her face."

[Teddy shuts off the living room light (24 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Get out of the living room and turn the light back on"

[Teddy spits at a window (27 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Get your butt back on the Naughty Log so you can sit for 3 minutes."

Teddy: "No!"

[Teddy runs into Caleb's bedroom and throws a pillow off Caleb's bed (29 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Put the pillow back on Caleb's bed!"

Teddy: "NO!"

[Teddy goes outside to climb a tree (31 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Get down from the tree, you will get hurt because it's dangerous."

Teddy: "Make me!"

[Teddy twists Kadee's arm and wrestles her (34 minutes later)]

Teddy: "Ha! I got you!"

Kadee: "Mommy!"

Katie-Charvet: "Teddy. Let go of Kadee's arm and don't wrestle her."

[Teddy runs in the house and goes on the fireplace (36 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Walk back to the Naughty Log, Teddy."

[Teddy spins a chair (38 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Leave the chair alone."

[Teddy snatches Katie-Charvet's MasterCard credit card (40 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Give me the credit card or I will have to take it from you."

Teddy: "No!"

[Teddy throws toys (42 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Do not throw the toys."

[Katie-Charvet confiscates the toys and then puts them into the toy time-out box]

Katie-Charvet: "Let's go back to the Naughty Log,"

Teddy: "Let me go, you filthy animal!"

[Katie-Charvet deposits Teddy onto the Naughty Log and quietly walks away with no conversation]

Katie-Charvet: "Teddy wouldn't give into the Naughty Log without a fight,"

[Teddy runs outside and in the middle of the street (45 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Get out of the street."

[Katie-Charvet returns Teddy to the house and deposits him back onto the Naughty Log]

[Teddy spits in Katie-Charvet's face (48 minutes later)]

Jo: "You do not spit in mommy's face."

[Teddy gets off the Naughty Log and grabs Kadee's face again (50 minutes later)]

Jo: "Mommy told you not to grab Kadee's face."

[Teddy goes into Katie-Charvet's bedroom and jumps on her bed, laughing (52 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Get off my bed."

[Teddy jumps on Carly's bed (54 minutes later)]

Carly: "Stop jumping on my bed."

[Teddy jumps on Lotte's NBA Lakers bed (57 minutes later)]

Lotte: "Get off my bed."

[Teddy jumps on Ivan's NFL Raiders bed (60 minutes later)]

Ivan: "Dude, sounds like you have timeout to go."

Teddy: "Yeah, right!"

[Teddy jumps on Tim's bed (63 minutes later)]

Tim: "Hey. Stop jumping on beds."

[Teddy jumps on Michael's bed (66 minutes later)]

Michael: "Dude, seriously, we're not chasing you around this mansion."

Teddy: "Can't catch me!"

[Teddy runs back outside and in the street again (69 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Come back inside now, Teddy. No..wait, Teddy. WATCH OUT! You almost got hit by that car."

[Teddy goes outside to climb a tree again (71 minutes later)]

Jo: "Teddy, on the count of five, you will be placed back on the Naughty Log. 1...2...3..."

Teddy: "(bleep) no."

Jo: "Sure enough, Teddy had worn mom down, and that is when I intervened,"

Jo: "4...5. OK, Teddy. I will get you down from here and I will place you on the Naughty Log."

[Jo picks up Teddy and takes him back to the Naughty Log]

[Teddy escapes from the Naughty Log and throws toys again (74 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Stop throwing toys."

[Katie-Charvet confiscates the toys and deposits them into the toy time-out box while Jo puts Teddy back into the Naughty Log]

[Teddy quickly dashes off the Naughty Log and back into the bathroom.]

[Teddy pees in the shower again (77 minutes later)]

Jo: "You do not pee in the shower. That is absolutely unacceptable."

[Teddy goes on the fireplace again (80 minutes later)]

Jo: "What have we told you about going on the fireplace? To not go on it. Stop going on the fireplace."

[Teddy goes back in Caleb's bedroom to serve as a hideout (83 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "It's not a game. Come out of Caleb's bedroom and sit down on the Naughty Log."

[Teddy goes outside to the nearest playground (86 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Teddy, where are you?"

[Teddy arrives at the nearest playground and throws a baseball bat at Katie-Charvet]

Jo: "Teddy, you do not throw a baseball bat at your mommy because it can hurt her."

Teddy: "Shut the (bleep) up!"

[Teddy goes inside the house (87 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Where's Teddy?"

Kadee: "He's in the house."

[Katie-Charvet goes inside the house]

[Teddy goes into Caleb's bedroom and locks the door and watches some Barney and Friends videos (88 minutes later)]

[Katie-Charvet unlocks the door and enters the room]

Katie-Charvet: "Turn off Barney. You are not allowed to watch that while you have to stay in time-out."

[Katie-Charvet confiscates all the Barney videos and returns Teddy to the Naughty Log.]

[Teddy escapes from the Naughty Log and dashes outside to the playground again]

Lotte: "Mom, Teddy's escaped! He's gone to the playground!"

[Katie-Charvet goes outside to search for Teddy in the playground]

Katie-Charvet: "Teddy, come back in the house this second!"

[Teddy throws rocks and sand (90 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Do not throw rocks and sand!"

[Katie-Charvet returns home with Teddy and deposits him back on the Naughty Log]

Katie-Charvet: "No matter how many times I put him back on, he kept on getting up. He just would not go down,"

[Teddy gets up from the Naughty Log and touches the microwave (93 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Get your hands off the microwave!"

[Teddy runs away and touches the cable (96 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Leave the television cable alone."

[Teddy peeks behind an attic staircase that leads to a second attic in the attic (99 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Honey, get down from there."

[Teddy pinches Lotte (100 minutes later)]

Lotte: "Ow! Stop hurting me!"

[Lotte carries Teddy to the Naughty Log]

[Teddy escapes from the Naughty Log and throws a plant (102 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Do not throw the plants!"

[Teddy knocks a table over (105 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Pick the table up."

[Teddy plays with a machete (108 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Put the machete down."

[Teddy picks up the menorah (109 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Leave that menorah alone."

[Teddy plays with a hatchet (110 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Put the hatchet down."

[Teddy knocks a fan over (113 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Pick up the fan."

[Teddy picks up rot iron (116 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Put down the rot iron!"

[Teddy hits one of Carly's private parts (119 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "You do not hit Carly's no-no parts!"

[Katie-Charvet puts Teddy back on the Naughty Log]

[Teddy escapes and hides in a box (120 minutes later)]

Katie-Charvet: "Get out of the box right now."

Teddy: "No!"

[Katie-Charvet picks Teddy up and returns him to the Naughty Log (121 minutes later)]

Teddy: "(beep) you!"

[Teddy flips his mother the bird]

Jo: "Ignore it."

Jo: "I was shocked that Teddy flipped his mother the bird!"

Jo: "Two and a half hours later, Teddy finally gave up and he stayed put on the Naughty Log and he did his time. Katie-Charvet's persistence paid off."

Katie-Charvet: "You were placed on the Naughty Log because you scratched your sister and swore. It was not very nice, do you understand me?"

Teddy: "Yes, Mommy."

Katie-Charvet: "Teddy, I want an apology from you to Kadee for what you did and you can get up."

Teddy: "I'm sorry, Kadee."

Katie-Charvet: "Thank you. Now you may get up, but that's enough scratching, OK?"

Announcer: "Coming up on Supernanny...Kadee's birthday celebration ends in chaos courtesy of the triplets"

[Kadee is having a Rainbow Brite-themed birthday party with her friends from her Pre-K class]

[Teddy, Bryce and Nicholas throw rainbow cupcakes at Kadee's guests]

Kadee's 5th Birthday PartyEdit

Jo: "The next day was Kadee's birthday party, and she was having a Rainbow Brite theme. She invited her friends from her Pre-K class over to her party."

[Katie-Charvet (dressed in a Ladies Rainbow Brite Costume) fills a Rainbow piñata with candy and small toys in the kitchen while Kadee (dressed in a child Rainbow Brite Costume) sits in the dining room, waiting eagerly for her party to start]

Jo: "At the party, they were serving rainbow cupcakes, popcorn, tootsie pops, Rainbow fruit kabobs, rainbow pizza, Rainbow cake ice cream cones, rainbow potato latkes, rainbow-coated Oreos, a 6-layer rainbow birthday cake, cookies, Candies, and all sorts of things."

Tim: "Kadee, over here. I wanna take a picture of you."

[Tim gets out his digital camera]

Tim: "Smile for me, Kadee."

Ivan: "Say cheese!"

[Teddy, Bryce and Nicholas are dressed in Twink the Sprite costumes]

Katie-Charvet: "There, you three look perfect!"

[Lotte is blowing up colorful balloons to form a rainbow]

[Carly is on the cell phone]

Carly: "Uh-huh. Yes. Can you deliver the 4-in-1 Rainbow bounce? My sister Kadee is turning 5 today, and she's having a birthday party."

Caller: "We'll see what we can do, ma'am."

Carly: "Do you take Discover credit card?"

Caller: "Yes, ma'am, we do.

Katie-Charvet: "Just to let you know, we are not serving any pork products or shellfish since we are Jewish, Jo. We also do not mix meat with dairy in this family."

Caller: "OK ma'am, I'll remember that."

[A guest and her mother brings an ice-cream pie created at Cold Stone Creamery]

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