The Belushi Family is a fanon Season 2 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Chandler, Arizona to meet the Belushi Family. Jo meets a 40-year old single mother, Katie-Charvet, with 10 children. On her first marriage (21 years ago, divorced 10 years ago), she had Carly who is 20, Lotte who is 18, Ivan who is 15, Tim who is 14, and adopted Michael who is 13 from Algeria. On her second marriage (8 years ago, divorced 1 year ago), she had Caleb who is 6, Kadee who is 4 1/2, and identical triplets Teddy, Bryce, and Nicholas who are 3. Katie-Charvet and both men were divorced. The triplets act odd around the clock and do all other stuff. Jo features the Naughty Log.


Naughty Log


  • The triplets have the same brain mixed with 2 amok runners: Orla from the Birou Family and most notably Teddy from the Tsironis Family; but even worse.
  • Jo encountered a single mother three times in 2 seasons, after Laura and Nicole from the Elean Family and Birou Family respectively. However, unlike the other two, Jo did not give the Belushi Family the Naughty Pit.
  • The Belushi house has 4 floors with 5 rooms each (the 4th floor has 10 rooms) and a basement with 3 rooms. Hence, it is mainly considered a mansion.