The Bedrich Family is a Fanon season 28 episode of Supernanny. Annie travels to Juneau, AK to meet a single mother with a set of fraternal vigintuplets. Camille, age 21, is a college student with 3-year-old vigintuplets. Their names are Bubbles, Matilda, Binky, Belinda, Ash, Banjo, Charles, Grace, Sandy, Bryce, Henrietta, Oliver, Megan, Clayton, Rocky, Eve, Night, Ladonna, Danielle, and Courtland. These rambunctious kids drive mom crazy by pinching, biting, screaming, acting extremely violent to animals and even almost killing them, bullying a countless number of kids their age, stealing lots of items in public, being extremely disruptive at restaurants or in the car, and they got expelled from 10 preschools for extremely violent deeds. They also say the dirtiest sentences anyone could ever say, and completely ruin holidays such as Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween. They're even very poor sports, bragging the losers if they win, and throwing epic tantrums when they lose. They throw about 1 epic tantrum per day, lasting about 6 hours on average. The highest was 15 hours while the lowest was 30 minutes. In addition, the family has recently moved from Toronto, Ontario in Canada a week ago. Can Annie manage to save the day for this family or will things get even uglier? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Pit, Super Naughty Pit, Sport Modification, No Bullying Technique, Car Drill Technique, Dining Out Technique, Roaming Technique, Magic Play Technique, and Toy Confiscation.