Jo Frost-11-25-11
Baker Family is a Fanon fifth season episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Austin, Texas to meet the Baker family with 12 children: 9-year-old daughter Leslie, 8-year-old identical twin daughters Belinda and Lisa, 5-year-old fraternal quintuplets Jerry, Gary, Larry, Sherri, and Terri, 3-year-old fraternal triplets Becky, Bryce, and Buffy, and 1-year-old son Stewie. While 42-year-old mom Marge is at work as a full-time lawyer, 47-year-old stay-at-home dad Stan is left at home to take care of all 12 kids, which is a sheer living nightmare. The twins fight, swear, bicker, talk back, show disrespect, hit, scream, yell, pinch, bite, swear, call each other names, and hate each other's guts.

Leslie is very rude and disrespectful towards authority, shouts, plays very loud heavy metal music with explicit lyrics, swears, talks back, and skips school. The triplets take a turn for the worse as they scream, hit, swear, pee on the floor, spit, refuse to eat their meals, only eat snacks, color on the walls and the table, run in the streets, throw food and their toys, throw tantrums, play with dangerous objects, refuse to listen, climb on furniture, knock over furniture, kick, and bite. The quintuplets scream, fight, spit, swear, hit, kick, throw tantrums, talk back, destroy the house, throw food and their toys, play with dangerous power toys, refuse to listen, and pee and defecate on the furniture, color on the table and the wall, and the youngest, Stewie, is learning the behavior demonstrated by his older siblings. Can Nanny Jo change the children's behavior before things get even uglier?

This episode features the Naughty Pit, the Naughty Stool, and the Reflection Room.

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Naughty Pit