In this episode, Australian nanny Ruth Higgins heads to Harlem, NY to help a single divorced mother with five rebellious sons. Chloris Applebaum (42) is divorced and is struggling to maintain control in the house with her sons constant demands. Damon (14) has started using drugs, Eustace (11) refuses to do his homework, Jem (9) constantly swears and kicks his brothers, Bruce (6) has no bedtime routine and refuses to eat vegetables and Richie (4) draws on the walls. Will Ruth be able to help Chloris maintain control of the house?

Discipline techniques used: Calm Down Zone and Lose What You Like Chart (for Damon, Eustace and Jem) and Naughty Chair (for Bruce and Richie)

Other techniques used: Family Time, Good Eater, Stay in Bed, Homework Technique, Drug Disposal and Reward Chart.