The Affan Family is a season 2 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Colorado Springs, Colorado to meet the Affans. Brian Affan, 28, is a single divorced father of five children, Eliana who is 7, Silas who is 6, Kaia who is 5, Anna who is 4, and Willem who is 6 months. Eliana is defiant. Silas can be aggressive. Kaia and Anna tend to hit, kick, bite, climb on furniture, and do all other stuff, but Anna is even worse than Kaia. Brian's ex-wife uses profane language and tries to trick people like murdering people, and she is in her 40s. She weighs in her pounds of 300s, and her skin tone is black. Therefore, Brian fell in love with a younger-than-him woman. This episode features the Naughty Platform.


Naughty Platform